To save ‘secret’ British tanks don’t send them to Ukraine!

12:13 31.01.2023 •

Britain paved the way for NATO tanks to be sent them to Ukraine.
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British military experts are now worrying advanced technology could be stolen by Russians if damaged British tanks are not recovered by Ukrainians, London “Express” magazine worries. The Ukrainian military must recover damaged British tanks to prevent Russian intelligence from stealing key UK tech, military experts have warned.

Britain's decision to become the first NATO ally to supply Ukraine with modern Western battle tanks helped pave the way for Germany's crucial announcement that it is finally to follow suit with its Leopard 2s.

Rishi Sunak told President Volodymyr Zelensky that the UK is to send 14 Challenger 2s as part of its latest support package for the Ukrainian military. It keeps the UK at the forefront of Kyiv's military backers with £2.3 billion of support provided during the course of 2022, with ministers promising a similar amount this year.

One expert told: “The Russians will be desperate to try and kill and capture a Challenger 2, partly for their propaganda but also to get their hands on its secrets.”

A defence source added: “If a tank is destroyed or disabled the first option is always to try and self-recover. You tow it with another tank or use a specialist armoured repair and recovery vehicle — which looks like a tank with a crane.

“But the worst case scenario is that a tank is destroyed when the lines are collapsing and friendly forces are in retreat.

“Step one is the training and working with mission planners to try and ensure the Challengers are not used in scenarios where they think that collapse a realistic possibility.

“Step two is making sure, at the tactical level, the Ukrainians are trained to recover a tank under fire. They certainly don’t lack the courage.”


…We suggest: To save ‘secret’ British tanks don’t send them to Ukraine!


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