Transgender students dominate the volleyball court at a Canada women's college varsity game

10:09 11.02.2024 •

This is the shocking moment five transgender players hijack a women's college volleyball game in Canada.

Footage showed the five athletes 'dominate' a women's volleyball match between Seneca College and Centennial College in Toronto on on January 24, writes ‘The Daily Mail’.

The biologically male athletes were seen smashing the ball past their female teammates. The controversial players each stayed on the court for the entire game - while the biologically female players were substituted on and off the bench.

The game sparked outrage among conservatives, who raised health fears for the women athletes and were furious to see them being benched.

The series comes amid a spike in trans athletes dominating women's sporting events across the US and Canada, despite mass public backlash.

A report from Rebel News said the trans players 'dominated' the game, especially when it came to 'serving and spiking.'

'Real biological women have needed medical assistance thanks to taking spikes off their head,' David Menzies, who was there to observe the game, said.

The biological males were 'always' on the court, meaning there were at least five female players benched at any given moment of the game.

Seneca College, the school with more trans players, won the best-of-five series. Menzies was ushered away when he tried to interview players and coaches about the spots transgender players take up on women's teams.

An anonymous source told Rebel that there have been 'two major head injuries to female volleyball athletes in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association caused by transgender people'

The first reported injury was a concussion last November caused by C.L. Viloria, who plays for Centennial.

'Viloria attacked the ball with heavy force and hit a La Cite volleyball player in the head,' said the source.

The second injury occurred on January 22, 2024 when Franz Largadas, a trans player who also plays for Seneca, 'hit a La Cite player in the head' causing a concussion.

'In the 2022-23 season, Franz was listed on the Seneca College men's volleyball team roster and is now on the women's volleyball team roster this year,' said the source.

'Five of which are not on any gender-affirming hormone therapy or have not had surgical gonad removal.

A coach for one of the teams utilizing the strength and athletic ability of biologically male players refuses to speak with a Rebel News reporter

One student who had been in the stands watching the game got heated with Menzies on the way out of the auditorium.

You can go 'rot in hell,' one of them screamed at him, 'you white piece of sh**.'

When Menzies' camera-woman panned to students some of them seemed to be chuckling at the hysterical student who was still shouting.

At present there are six biological men playing in the OCAA, according to the source

Last month, US protestors hoping to 'save women's sports' gathered in front of the NCAA's annual convention to demand an end to transgender athletes competing in female events.

The International Olympic Committee in November 2021 said it was up to individual sports to determine their own rules, and abandoned their previous stipulation that trans women suppress their testosterone levels for at least 12 months to compete.

By contrast, in March of last year, the governing body for track and field events, World Athletics (WA), announced they were prohibiting athletes who have gone through what it called 'male puberty' from participating in female world rankings competitions.

WA said the exclusion would apply to 'male-to-female transgender athletes who have been through male puberty.'


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