Ukraine as a springboard for the Anglo-Saxon attacks on Russia

10:24 18.06.2023 •

Uniform of an American who died in Ukraine.

The Norwegian capital of Oslo hosted a meeting of the ministers of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, the last before the summit, which will be held from 11 to 12 July in Vilnius. One of the main topics of the meeting of ministers was the question of what to do with Ukraine. The Eastern wing of the North Atlantic Alliance, led by Poland, demands that Ukraine be accepted into NATO as soon as possible, that is, we need an exact plan and specific dates for when this happens. Western members of the alliance are against it and believe that now, before the armed conflict is over, it is too early to talk about it, since otherwise a direct clash between NATO and Russia is not ruled out, notes ‘Geopolitika News’ (Croatia).

Bloomberg wrote that British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly told reporters that Ukraine has the right to "use force outside its borders, undermining Russia's ability to use force on the territory of Ukraine itself." James Cleverley said he would not comment on the drone strikes on Moscow, but noted that "legitimate military targets outside of Ukraine are an integral part of its self-defense."

The British "avant-garde" is not limited to arms supplies to Ukraine alone. So, on May 18, the American Wall Street Journal reported that "special units of the United Kingdom from the Special Air Service and the Special Intelligence Regiment, as well as the Special Boat Service are working very close to the combat zone in Ukraine."

The American media wrote that these actions allegedly reflect political differences with the United States, since Washington allegedly "refrained from sending special forces to directly assist Ukrainians on the front line." True, such statements sound rather ridiculous, especially if we recall the numerous reports of American special and intelligence services that operate in Ukraine.

The Wall Street Journal article hints that the only difference between the US and British intelligence agencies is that those sent by London are directly involved in combat operations on the front lines, while their American counterparts "only provide advisory services."

The Russians are confident that the designated British special forces are directly involved in the planning and implementation of daily sabotage and terrorist attacks.

The UK continues to play the role of "first violin" in the "pouring oil on the fire" of the Ukrainian armed conflict. London is exacerbating the situation by sending Storm Shadow missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers, anti-tank ammunition with depleted uranium to Kyiv, and before that the British sent their modern Challenger 2 tanks. In addition, the UK initiated the sending of American F-16 aircraft by the coalition of allies. Thus, London crossed all the red lines, although they were never officially called as such, and only Russian analysts voiced them. Despite all this, Kyiv is primarily interested in the escalation.

The attacks of Ukrainian sabotage groups on Russian border territories, as well as to the attack of eight drones on Moscow – all this exacerbates the situation. It is clear that they have taken this armed conflict to a higher level, especially if we recall also the recent drone strike on the Moscow Kremlin. If all this is not the surest path to escalation, then let someone convince me otherwise. They want to awaken pacifism in Russia, but they will get the opposite!

But there are still many in the West and in Kyiv who believe that these Ukrainian strikes are the best way to destabilize the internal political and social situation in Russia, and that in the end they can lead to a desired victory on the West’s terms.

But we would say that those who think this way are either very naive or risk-averse. After all, instead of the expected strengthening of anti-war sentiments and pacifism, attacks on Moscow and the Russian border regions, as well as terrorist acts such as the murder of a military commissar in St. Petersburg or the daughter of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin in the Moscow region, only give rise to radicalism and mobilization of Russian society!

The coffin with a body of American arrived in Washington from Ukraine

But neither does the United States of America. This is best evidenced by one initiative that has emerged in recent days, with Washington behind it. We are talking about holding a summit for peace in Ukraine, which, if possible, should be held before the NATO summit. Representatives of all the most important countries of the world would be invited to the summit for peace, including, first of all, those who refused to condemn Russia and support sanctions against it.

In fact, the real goal of the summit is to win over neutral states to its side and thereby force Moscow to end the armed conflict on some, apparently, new Western conditions. They would still be very far from those that Moscow itself insists on, considering them only acceptable to itself. If Moscow did not agree to ‘new Western conditions’, the summit organizers hope Russia would face pressure from more countries than before and the threat of isolation.

Events in the world are not currently unfolding as they expected and wanted in Washington, which even the most authoritative Western media frankly write about. On the contrary, even reverse processes are taking place, and it turns out that it is the West that is "self-isolating" from the "rest of the world", that is, the true world majority, and this is extremely dangerous for the West. Thus, Washington is forced to do something immediately, concludes ‘Geopolitika News’.


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