Ukraine’s counteroffensive fully collapsed

14:00 16.10.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed, although Kyiv is preparing new attacks in certain areas, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview to the TV program "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" (photo).

"As for the counteroffensive, which has allegedly been stalled, it has failed completely. We know that in certain areas of combat operations the opposing side is nevertheless preparing new active offensive operations. We see this, and we know about it. And we are also reacting accordingly," he said in the interview in Moscow.

At the Valdai International Discussion Club meeting ten days ago the head of the Russian state reported that since June 4th, 2023 – the start of the so-called counteroffensive – the Ukrainian Army has lost: over 90,000 people as KIA and WIA, 557 tanks, and almost 1,900 armored vehicles of various types.

The head of state Vladimir Putin commented on the recommendation of the U.S. Congressional Commission to prepare for a simultaneous war with both the Russian Federation and The PRC, including the engagement of nuclear weapons.

In an interview with Rossiya One TV Channel Vladimir Putin noted: "I don't think these are healthy thoughts that came to the minds of healthy people, because to say that the USA is preparing for war with Russia, well... We are all preparing for war because we follow the well-known ancient principle: ‘if you want peace, prepare for war’. But we act on the assumption that we want peace," he underlined.

Vladimir Putin said that if the United States wanted to go to war with Russia, it would not be a Special Military Operation launched to offset massive and direct Ukrainian/NATO aggression against Russia, but "a completely different war".

At the same time, no one should even allow the thought of the possibility of starting a war between the great nuclear powers, the Russian leader emphasized.

"I don't think that people in their right mind should or can think of such a thought, but if it does, it only makes us wary," he added.

The concept of initiating ‘two wars’ – one waged against Russia and the second one against China – is not a new notion in the U.S. political statements and military strategies. It has been articulated from time to time by both ruling parties in the USA and their political and military leaders. But in all cases, such ballyhoo enhanced additional suspicion and hatred between these three major nuclear powers. In the present-day situation such recommendations, but de facto an appeal to wage three-lateral nuclear wars is a very dangerous move leading towards nuclear global Armageddon.

I am also sure that these ‘recommendations” made by the U.S. Congressional Commission will be left unnoticed by many anti-nuclear and anti-war movements and public figures who prefer to go down the one-sided track of mind: ‘the USA is always innocent.’

It will be very easy to predict that such ideas will vanish in the haze all dreams about a possibility to renew the genuine and verifiable nuclear arms control between the USA and Russia. No doubt: the PRC will not join them after such bellicose proposals.

It will be also not so difficult to forecast that only Russia will be once again blamed for the fact that the U.S. lawmakers have made such hawkish decision due to their own poisonous perceptions.


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