Ukrainian army torture Russian prisoners of war

16:52 31.03.2022 •

Internet users of the Chinese Sina Weibo social network are vigorously discussing a video in which Ukrainian nationalists torture Russian prisoners of war.

"Tyrants and Beasts!" exclaims one of the commentators.

And another asks the question: "Is this the kind of civilization and human rights that the West advertises?"

We are talking about a video in which the Ukrainian military shoot the legs of Russian prisoners of war. The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has already instructed to establish all the circumstances of the ill-treatment of Russians by Ukrainian nationalists, collect and record the evidence and identify all those involved in order to bring them to justice.

From the comments of Chinese Internet users: “These are absolute Nazis! How can you torture prisoners of war like that?

“I watched a video about how the Russian army allowed Ukrainian prisoners of war to call their families and tell them that they are safe ... The Russian army really teaches benevolence and justice.”

“And these are those who are supported by the West! I'm sick".

“I have seen many videos where Ukrainians beat, torture, and insult captured Russian soldiers. The Ukrainian army is a flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention! This is a Nazi crime against humanity, and the Nazis are the enemies of the world!”

“Inhuman neo-Nazis raised by the United States. The United States has never been second in torturing prisoners!”

“How the Ukrainian government can accept this and how can the US, Australia, Canada and Japan support it, now it is clear to everyone what it is all about.”

“Nazi Ukraine is so inhumane that Russia is absolutely right in promising to denazify it!”


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