Ukrainian chronicle: After 3 days fighting the losses of the Kyiv regime – 3,715 troops, 52 tanks, 207 armored vehicles…

11:47 07.06.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

  • On June 6 Russian Defence Minister, Army of General Sergei Shoigu made the following statement (full text translated from Russian):

“Over last three days, the Ukrainian regime launched a long-promised offensive in different areas of the front, concentrating large quantities of hardware and manpower for this purpose.

On 4 June 2023, the 23rd and 31st Mechanised Brigades of the AFU attempted an offensive in five directions.

The enemy did not succeed in any of them and suffered significant losses: 300 servicemen, 16 tanks, 26 armoured fighting vehicles, and 14 motor vehicles.

On 5 June 2023, the Kyiv regime attempted an offensive in seven directions with five brigades.

The enemy was stopped and suffered even greater losses: more than 1,600 troops, 28 tanks, including 8 Leopard tanks and 3 AMX-10 wheeled tanks, 136 other military vehicles, including 79 foreign-manufactured ones.

The attempted offensive was thwarted, the enemy was stopped, and Russian troops showed courage and heroism in the fighting.

I repeat that the enemy failed to achieve its goals, and suffered considerable and incomparable losses.

The units of the 433rd Motorised Rifle Regiment of the 127th Motorised Rifle Division, the 37th and 60th Motorised Rifle Brigades distinguished themselves in battles, displaying persistence and fortitude. The 3rd Company of the 37th Motorised Rifle Brigade under the command of Junior Lieutenant Yury Zhelanov and the commander of the 1st Battalion of the same brigade Major Vladimir Polozhentsev displayed special heroism.

The divisions, having appeared on a direction of the main attack, steadfastly defended the occupied positions and have caused considerable losses to superior forces of the enemy's 37th Marine Infantry Brigade. Under the threat of being surrounded, Junior Lieutenant Zhelanov, being wounded, led his company to previously equipped defensive positions, where he successfully stopped the advancing enemy units.

The skilful actions of our Operational-Tactical, Ground-Attack and Army aviation should be especially noted. They employed 50 anti-tank guided missiles. As a result, 5 tanks and 29 other armoured fighting vehicles were destroyed.

All in all during 3 days of fighting in all directions, the losses of the AFU amounted to 3,715 troops, 52 tanks, 207 armoured fighting vehicles, 134 motor vehicles, 5 aircraft, 2 helicopters, 48 pieces of field artillery, and 53 UAVs.”

Unfortunately, we have some losses too. A total of 71 servicemen died and 210 were wounded in repelling the enemy offensive by the combined group of forces. Fifteen tanks, 9 infantry fighting vehicles, 2 motor vehicles, and 9 guns were hit.


  • The Kyiv regime committed another terrorist crime: the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station facilities were blown up, flooding a large area (photo). The purpose of these actions is reportedly as follows.

Having failed to succeed in the offensive operations, the enemy intends to redeploy the units and hardware from Kherson direction to its offensive area in order to strengthen its potential, significantly weakening its position in Kherson direction. The enemy has begun building defensive positions on the right bank of the Dnepr River, which indicates the intention to turn to defence there.

In order to prevent Russia's offensive actions in this section of the front, the Kyiv regime has carried out a sabotage, essentially a terrorist act, which has resulted in the flooding of significant areas and will have serious and long-lasting environmental consequences.

In addition, the release of water from the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, according to available data, has been significantly increased, leading to even greater flooding of areas. Fact proves that the large-scale diversion was planned in advance by the Kiev regime.”

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov claimed that the incident “was caused by a deliberate Ukrainian sabotage,” warning of “dire ramifications” for tens of thousands of local residents and the ecosystem.

City of Novaya Kakhovka flooded after dam destruction – its mayor said. He noted that the sabotage was aimed at cutting the water supply to the Russian Crimea peninsula, adding that the strikes appeared to have been linked to the recent large-scale Ukrainian attacks on the Donbass front, which were thwarted by Russian defenses.


The area before the dam was destroyed by Kyiv regime:

And after

Note: The Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station was built in 1951-1956. It has the 30-meter tall and 3.2-kilometer-long hydroelectric dam that contains some 18 cubic kilometers of water. Its main door was destroyed by a direct AFU fire (preliminary by the U.S.HIMARS MLRS). The water level downstream went up by nearly 11 meters. The critical level is 12.5 meters.

14 populated centers with 22,000 citizens have been flooded as the result of such ecological disaster intentionally arranged by aggressive Kyiv regime still supported by NATO and the EU.


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