Ukrainian chronicle: Kyiv continues its nuclear terrorism

11:31 30.10.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

On October 28, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a comment on the Kyiv regime’s terrorist attack on the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant or KuNPP (photo) located in Russia. It has been stated that in the evening of October 26, 2023 the Ukrainian Armed Forces intentionally attacked the KKuNPP with three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) loaded with high explosives (HE).

One of the UAVs crashed into a nuclear waste warehouse and damaged its walls. The other two fell on the plant’s administrative building complex. The UAVs used to attack the nuclear power plant had components supplied by Western countries.

This incident clearly showed that the criminal Kyiv regime will stop at nothing, including acts of nuclear terrorism. They could not but realize that the UAV attack could have resulted in a full-scale nuclear disaster that would have affected many countries. There could have been no other objectives set for attacking a nuclear power plant, a purely peaceful infrastructure facility.

By attacking the Kursk NPP, the Kyiv regime put itself on a par with the most odious terrorist organizations. The fact that this crime could not have been committed without the permission and, possibly, a direct order of its Western curators is of particular concern.

Russian Foreign Ministry called on all Governments to strongly condemn Kyiv’s barbaric actions, which are extremely dangerous and can lead to irreparable consequences. The ministry expressed hope that relevant international organizations, environmental NGOs and civil society could also give an appropriate assessment of this act of nuclear terrorism.

It was not the first case when AFU tried to destroy some Russian NPP by UAV attacks and other arms. There have dozens of such incidents arranged by Kyiv military junta against Zaporozhye NPP not controlled by AFU for more than a year. It used artillery shells and MRLS with the aim to destroy it. Three times AFU sent their commandos’ teams across the adjacent Kakhovka Rezervoir to capture ZNPP. All attempts have been disrupted.

Unfortunately, in all such cases the IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi responded: “I do not see anything, I do not hear anything and I do not tell anybody”.

In his written statement # 191 issued after the attack on October 27th, 2023 only a simple information appeared: “...the IAEA is aware of Russian reports of three drones identified in an area near the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant (KuNPP) in the south of the Russian Federation, one of which exploded causing minor damage to the façade of the building where spent nuclear fuel is stored. It is reported there were no casualties and the radiation levels at the site of the KuNPP do not exceed the established norms”.

And a minor revelation: “This week’s events show that nuclear safety and security remains potentially precarious, not only at the Zaporizhzhya [Ukrainian spelling] Nuclear Power Plant. The IAEA will remain present at Ukraine’s nuclear facilities to monitor and inform the world about developments. We will continue to do everything in our power to help prevent a nuclear accident during the military conflict”.

That is all. It means: The IAEA does not care if the KuNPP, located in Europe, is attacked by AFU.


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