Ukrainian chronicle: Ruined Kyiv offensive. Tremendous losses

10:15 24.06.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences
  • On June 22, 2023 during session of the Russian Security Council Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defence, announced updated figures of the failed Ukrainian ‘offensive’ that was badly organized by Kyiv junta.

He reported that after almost 16 days of active combat operations since June 4, the adversary sustained heavy losses and is no longer as aggressive as it used to be. It is regrouping and bringing its decimated units up to strength. Forces that could later mount an offensive are being drawn from various units and battalions. This is the lay of things in one domain. In other domain, the adversary still has forces for further offensive operations, despite losses of the considerable equipment and personnel.

Regarding current and planned military equipment deliveries to Kyiv, there are plans to supply 250 tanks, including about 120 Leopards and 31 Abrams tanks, throughout 2023.

There are also 95 T-72 tanks that they have scraped together from all over the world.

There are plans to deliver 983 armoured combat vehicles throughout 2023. In all, 822 vehicles, the bulk of the shipment, including 740 Western models, is set to arrive during the third and fourth quarters of 2023.

The intention is to deliver 273 155-mm artillery systems throughout the current year. This is more than two times less than had been delivered so far.

At the end of the recorded session President Vladimir Putin said: “From this we can conclude that they [Western alliance] can certainly send in additional equipment, but the mobilization reserve [of Ukraine] is not unlimited. And Ukraine’s Western allies really seem determined to fight with Russia to the last Ukrainian. At the same time, we must proceed from the fact that the enemy's offensive potential has not been exhausted; they may have strategic reserves yet unused, and I ask you to keep this in mind when making fighting strategies. You need to proceed from reality.’

Ukrainian tank tried to evacuate a wrecked American armored vehicle MRAP MaxxPro, but ran into it.

  • Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev continued that it has relevant information on the adversary’s lost equipment shared from the Defence Ministry, the Border Service of the Federal Security Service, the Military Counterintelligence Department of the Federal Security Service, and the Russian National Guard. He provided the following statistics. Since June 4 to 21, Russian troops have destroyed:

- 246 tanks, including 13 Western tanks,

- 595 armoured combat vehicles (ACV) and armoured cars (of this number, 152 ACV, including 59 Western models, where 18 are U.S. Bradley armoured fighting vehicles),

- 443 other ACV,

- 279 field artillery systems and mortars, including 48 Western systems,

- 42 multiple launch rocket systems,

- 2 surface-to-air missile systems,

- 10 tactical fighters,

- 4 helicopters,

- 264 drones

- 424 motor vehicles.

The grand total of Ukrainian servicemen is over 13,000 killed in action.

In Patrushev’s view, the amount of military hardware due to be delivered to Ukraine throughout 2023, as well as those weapons that have already been delivered, will not seriously affect the course of hostilities. Their armour is weak and ineffective, compared to modern equipment.


  • Russia does not see any threats here, all the more so as it has actively accumulated reserve equipment and service personnel. Russian Army recruited 114,000 people as contractual enlistees, and an additional 52,000 as volunteers, volunteers being very motivated.

By the end of June 2023, Russia will complete the effort to create a Reserve Army and the initiative to form an Army Corps will be completed in the near future too. Five regiments are already 60 percent ready, including in terms of both manpower and equipment. As for military hardware, Russian Armed Forces (RAF) are receiving about 112 units, on average, every day. This includes both upgraded and new equipment. It means that RAF have gathered substantial momentum and do not expect anything to hamper their efforts to create this reserve.


  • On June 11, 2023 so called “the International summit for Peace in Ukraine” convened in Vienna, Austria, has adopted its ‘Declaration’ – a very biased and politically weak document drafted by pro-Ukrainian lobby in Europe and the USA, and NATO advisers infiltrated into many peace-movements.

Worth recalling, that February 24, 2022 Russia has began defensive operation to save tortured and killed many civilians in Donbass who have been brutally attacked by regular Armed Forces of Ukraine exactly since April 13, 2014 – nearly eight years later.

During such overt and massive Ukrainian aggression against Donbass since April 2014 till February 2022 more than 14,000 civilians have been killed by Ukrainian tanks, combat aircraft, cluster munitions, land mines, chemical and biological weapons and even ballistic missiles. The organizers of the Vienna summit know all these facts for sure, but they carefully concealed them. They did not mention that NATO is pouring fuel into the flame of war by sending 40th‘basket’ of lethal weapons and millions of ammunition to Kyiv.

The Vienna ‘summit’ proved that its sponsors do not know – or do not want to know – what are the real causes and motives of the unprovoked of Ukrainian/NATO aggression initiated by Kyiv junta with malicious NATO military assistance. This aggressive military pact directly involved in the aggression and genocide of civilians in five territories in Ukraine wishing strongly not to live under the authority of the neo-Nazi and banderist junta.

The declaration actually encourages Kyiv regime to continue its inhuman, dangerous and brutal aggression against innocent people. It also encourages NATO to stockpile Ukraine with heavy deadly weapons.

  • NATO countries are testing chemicals on the Ukrainian military, said Apti Alaudinov, commander of the Akhmat battalion. “They don’t even hide it. The NATO bloc, in fact, today is testing all the drugs that they have produced on Ukrainians in order to make a “super soldier”. It's combat chemistry. They don’t feel sorry for the Ukrainians,” he said on TV.

Alaudinov said that when the effect of military drugs wears off, Ukrainian soldiers actively surrender. According to him, this is done by the commanders together with their units.

Earlier, a captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Eduard Kirilovets, said that the military command, due to heavy losses at the front, sends inexperienced recruits into battle.

On June 19, Ukrainian prisoner of war Mykola Dryna said that half of the militants in some units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly sick, while the rest are not at all able to fight. According to him, most of the soldiers in the brigade were already over 40 years old. The prisoner of war stressed that there is no fighting spirit in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. He also added that it is not customary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stop if someone is having a hard time and wait or provide assistance to this person.


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