Ukrainian chronicle: Russia intensified its operations in October

9:57 28.10.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

The Russian flags was raised over the strategically important waste heap in the Avdeevsky direction.

Russia has intensified its operations against Armed Forces of Ukraine or AFU in October 2023.

On the other hand, AFU has slowed down its activity due to several factors, namely: lack of military resources and no desire to fight for unclear aggressive reasons, a great number of prisoners of war and killed in action, plus arrival of new hi-tech Russian weapons on the battlefield that resulted in destruction of too many Ukrainian aircraft in the air and Ukrainian and foreign tanks on the ground.

Here are the latest figures announced by the Russian Armed Forces on October 27th, 2023:

  • Since 1 October 2023, Russia’s fighter jets and AAD systems have shot down 31 airplanes and three helicopters, including: 20 MiG-29 airplanes, eight Su-25 ground-attack aircraft, one Su-24 bomber, two L-39 jet trainers, and three Mi-8 helicopters of Ukrainian Air Force.

In addition, over the past week only:

  • 208 Ukrainian UAVs have been shot down, along with 19 HIMARS and four Uragan projectiles, two ATACMS missiles, two Neptune anti-ship missiles, six HARM anti-radiation missiles, eight JDAM guided bombs, and one S-200 converted surface-to-surface missile

In total, since the Special Military Operation began:

  • 515 airplanes,
  • 253 helicopters,
  • 8,312 unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • 441 air defence missile systems,
  • 12,960 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles,
  • 1,169 combat vehicles equipped with MLRS,
  • 6,893 field artillery guns and mortars,
  • as well as 14,684 units of special military equipment have been destroyed.


AFU lost its capability to move deeply into new territories that have been saved from unprovoked Ukrainian/NATO/EU aggression against Russia.

Five or ten minor AFU attacks against Russian Armed Forces per day at the level of platoons will not help Kiev’s regime to survive.

The USA, the EU and NATO made a gross blunder by making a stake on irrelevant and failed Zelensky.

Any additional Western military aid and arms/ammunition supplies will not be able to safe AFU from gradual and final defeat.

AFU may also lose its potential to resist and to arrange any kind of sophisticated defense against Russian Armed Forces.


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