Ukrainian chronicle: Some US VIPs incited Kyiv to attack the Crimea

12:10 30.05.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

Some US VIPs incited Kiev to attack the Crimea: Secretary of State Antony Blinken; Jack Sullivan the United States national security advisor to US President Joe Biden and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland. They made public statements inciting Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack the Crimean Peninsula by any military means Kiev so desire.

Recently the US South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a well-known military hawk, dared to urge to kill “more Russians” and not sorrow to spend a lot of money for that.

President Joe Biden itself expressed his negative attitude to the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) to Belarus, Reuters reported. According to the agency, the US leader told journalists on May 26 that his reaction to this announcement was "extremely negative."

It is very strange reaction from the US leader. Why he is not so critical to the US TNW stored in Europe and Asia since the middle of the last century?

Recently I expressed “the deep suspicion" that U.S. nuclear weapons are already deployed in the three Baltic republics or can be quickly delivered to their territories. A foreign expert asked me a question: why I have used the term “the deep suspicion” in this context?

Such “deep suspicion” can be proved by the following circumstances: all of these states are participating in NATO Air Force "Baltic Air Policing" operation in their air space where DCA or "dual-capable aircraft" are involved including three NATO nuclear powers – the UK, the USA and France.

  • U.S. nuclear strategies stamped during Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's presidencies clearly demand to move U.S. forward-based nuclear weapons close to the Russian and Belarusian territory;
  • U.S. heavy strategic bombers certified to carry nuclear weapons each year have been involved in constant patrolling over international waters of the Baltic Sea - very close to Kaliningrad and Leningrad Regions - and have been intercepted by the Russian Air Force (the last time in May 2023);
  • such heavy bombers have made landings at the Estonian and the Czech Republic Air Force Bases;
  • during last decade all NATO large-scale conventional military drills conducted closely to Russia and Belarus that usually ended without use of dummy nuclear munitions, are being finalized with the use of dummy nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation and Belarus;
  • U.S. heavy strategic bombers have been using dummy nuclear bombs and missiles fired at a Lithuanian training ground several times.

The term "deep suspicion" in this context was used because of a quite rational question: why so many U.S and NATO nuclear weapons delivery systems have been concentrated near the territory of Russia and Belarus, if the above-mentioned NATO nuclear "troika" has no intention to employ nuclear weapons against them?

And why the USA and NATO totally declined to debate Russian proposals on nuclear arms control in Europe and the Baltic Sea area in particular forwarded to them officially more than two years ago? Why the USA withdrew from the INF Treaty and violated the New START?

Yes, Russian tactical nuclear weapons that will be deployed in Belarus, and, possibly, in Kaliningrad Region and in the Crimean Peninsula, can reach various military targets in Poland, Italy and many other European countries members of NATO who are sending many types of heavy lethal weapons to neo-Nazi regime implanted in Kyiv by NATO in 2014.

For Russia it is not so important what kind of technical characteristics all these weapons have. But, for Russia it is of paramount importance the vivid fact that all these weapons delivered from NATO to Armed Forces of Ukraine who has started unprovoked military aggression – initially against Donbass in April 2014, and later on against the Russian Federation in October 2022 – are used to kill thousands of Russians and Ukrainians.

Do the USA and NATO really believe that Russia will remain indifferent and will not plan to be ready to destroy Ukrainian/NATO aggressors?

In this context I would like to put a direct question to all of them: What will be your reaction if any VIP in Russia incited somebody to attack Florida, South Carolina, California or District of Columbia in the USA, and to destroy your homes and kill more Americans or Europeans?


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