Ukrainian chronicle: Ukrainian drones attacked the Kremlin

11:35 04.05.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

In the early hours of May 3, two Ukrainian drones (UAV) approached the Kremlin – an iconic landmark in the city of Moscow that serves as the official residence of the Russian president. The approaching drones were spotted by Russian security personnel on-site who immediately moved to intercept and neutralize the threat through the use of electronic warfare equipment.

As a result, both UAVs eliminated (photo) and their debris scattered on the Kremlin's premises.

The Kremlin press service stated that no injuries or "material damage" were caused by this attack.

Presidential Press Service announcement (dated May 3, 2023):

“Last night, the Kiev regime attempted a drone strike against the residence of the President of the Russian Federation at the Kremlin.

“Two unmanned aerial vehicles targeted the Kremlin. Timely action by the military and special services involving radar systems enabled them to disable the devices. They crashed in the Kremlin grounds, scattering fragments without causing any casualties or damage.

“We view these actions as a planned terrorist attack and an assassination attempt targeting the President, carried out ahead of Victory Day and the May 9 Parade, where foreign guests are expected to be present, among others.

“The President has not suffered in this terrorist attack. His working schedule remains unchanged and follows its ordinary course.

Russia reserves the right to take countermeasures wherever and whenever it deems appropriate.”

On May 3, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced a ban on the use of UAVs in the city, saying that the only exception is for drones "used by decisions of state authorities."

It also appears that the drone attack did little to disrupt normal life in Moscow, with Russian media correspondents reporting from the scene that no additional security buildup has been spotted near the Kremlin where city residents and foreign tourists could be seen strolling on the May 3 afternoon.

Ukrainian President Zelensky should be officially designated as a terrorist, said Russian Member of Parliament Oleg Morozov. According to Morozov, the attack on the Kremlin signifies a new stage in Russia's ongoing military operation in Ukraine, and that an adequate military response is required in order for Russia to show that actions such as this UAV attack won't go unpunished.

Russia's State Duma (parliament's lower house) Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has also insisted that the whole "Nazi regime in Kiev" should be recognized as a terrorist organization that, having seized control of Ukraine, now threatens the safety of Russia, Europe and the entire world. He added that "politicians in Western countries that supply Zelensky's regime with weapons" should realize that they now became complicit of "terrorist activity."

This UAV episode will not affect a military parade in Moscow to be scheduled for May 9th, 2023. It will be arranged as usual.

Many Russian experts demanded to punish Ukrainian regime as a terrorist one, and to destroy its Armed Forces in the most effective and quickest way.

A strongly worded warning should be given to all NATO member-states that are supplied Kiev with deadly weapons, including attack UAVs, academic community added.


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