US dirty ‘Turkish plan’

8:17 08.04.2023 •

Turkish President Erdogan is worried

Although the US plan in Ukraine is not going as it was intended, Washington wants to use Turkey after the presidential elections against Russia in Syria, in the Black Sea and in Central Asia, Turkish “Haber7” writes with great concern.

Having failed to achieve its goal in Ukraine and rapidly losing power in the Middle East, America is looking for options to pit Russia and Turkey after the Turkish presidential election in May.

The US is planning to push our countries against each other in places like Syria, the Black Sea and Central Asia if the opposition, the so-called “7”, wins the elections. Washington has set the task of taking the opposition on the role of Ukraine/Zelensky south of Russia.

According to the received information, in the long-term negotiations between the United States and the “7” partners on this issue, a certain agreement was reached.

The experts drew attention to the speeches of the opposition candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu during his mysterious visit to the United States. Being in the US, he said: "We think we should support Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian war." Sources see this as a clear signal for the US and NATO that Turkey turns against Russia if “7” will gain power.

Experts also note the plans that were drawn up by Ünal Çeviköz, Kılıçdaroğlu's chief adviser, which he revealed for the American magazine ‘Politico’. He stated: "We will remind Russia that we are a member of NATO." This was a manifestation of "hostile relations" to Moscow.

The rest of the “7” partners are the same. IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener said: "I salute the brave sons of Ukraine with respect." Thus, he almost defies Russia: “Russian expansionism has revived. We can no longer tolerate this arrogance, this greed. We cannot leave to the mercy of fate all the people who have been persecuted, especially our brothers in Crimea. Putin has crossed the line. Now the time of empty talk is over – now is the time of sanctions.”

Retired Colonel Dr. Eray Güçlüer also drew attention to US plans ‘to use Turkey as a battering ram in the region’ and ‘push Turkey and Russia against each other’.

The US is backing the opposition as Turkey enters the electoral process. The statements made on behalf of the “7” are very remarkable. They are serious. They strongly emphasize that Turkey should support Ukraine in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. They appear to have made a commitment to the United States. An attempt is being made to carry out a plan that will oppose Turkey and Russia. This is very dangerous for Turkey.

In this case, tensions in Syria and elsewhere could escalate into conflict. The US can resort to any means to provoke this conflict. They are provocative. The United States is shifting the role of Ukraine and Zelensky to Turkey.

The US is making plans to roll back the Montreux Convention and enter the Black Sea with US Navy.

Turkey's interests demand to act together with Russia. Russia is a country with which Turkey will have a real strategic partnership.

We need combat aircraft, but it is difficult for us to get them from the US and other NATO countries. And Russia can satisfy our need for combat aircraft.

We need to work together in Syria. We need to eliminate the threat to our country from the east of the Euphrates.

We have multifaceted relations, especially with energy and nuclear energy.

Turkey's strategic interests require the preservation of the relations with Russia.

What will happen if the "seven" comes to power and comes to a conflict with Russia? The government will turn to NATO for help. NATO will also enter the Black Sea.

America openly threatens Turkey.

We may face a period full of pitfalls for Turkey, “Haber7” concludes.


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