Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC: “Ukraine today is nothing but a private military company in the hands of Western countries”

10:10 31.12.2023 •

Photo: Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the UN

Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on Ukraine. Main points:

- Ukrainians are angry because they are forced to fight for this corrupt, paid-for and anti-national government, contrary to the assurances of the leader of the Kiev junta. Men of conscription age are approached in the streets, in public transportation. Intimidation and violence are used against them. It has even come to the point that conscription notices are handed to priests, who are threatened with reprisals against their relatives. And then, without any training, they are thrown to the front line. One of the Ukrainian commanders recently complained that such fighters are not even assigned call signs, because they die too soon. This senseless grinder is about to engulf not only men but also women.

- At a recent press conference, Zelensky raised the stakes. He wants to send 500,000 people to certain death. For this purpose, he prepared a draft law on new conscription rules. It involves bringing the conscription age down to 25 years, reducing the list of persons who are not covered by conscription, a volundatory census of men, a ban on leaving the country and any actions with property, as well as blocking of bank accounts. The list is not exhaustive, for the crackdown continues. It is not for nothing that some commentators associate it with serfdom.

- Against this backdrop, even pro-Western Ukrainians had their optimism diminish considerably. The society no longer harbors any illusions. People understand perfectly well that the country has betrayed them, or rather, the authorities of this country have betrayed them, that their husbands, brothers and sons are being sacrificed to serve the geopolitical goals of the West to contain Russia and to keep the corrupt regime on a cushy spot. Recent studies confirm this: 75% of Ukrainians are willing to give up their citizenship to avoid conscription. These trends are clearly demonstrated by the panic activity of those residents of the country who have managed to travel abroad. They are now storming Ukrainian consulates in hopes to have their expiring documents renewed and property ownership transferred to their wives. As soon as the above-mentioned law comes into force, they will be deprived of almost any rights in their country.

- This is the reality in which Ukrainians have to live today, but of course we have not heard any assessments of this lawlessness from any of our Western colleagues. In this reality, Ukraine is surviving solely thanks to colossal financial injections from Washington, London and Brussels. Ukrainian civil servants, including diplomats, receive their salaries from foreign countries. The military equipment and uniforms of the Ukrainian armed forces also come from abroad; the Zelensky regime has long since lost everything of its own. In fact, Ukraine today is nothing but a private military company in the hands of Western countries, whose task is to inflict maximum damage on Russia. This is what the Western sponsors of the Kiev regime are guided by, allocating money for arms, and they do not care about the lives of ordinary Ukrainians.

- It is the reality of today that Ukraine does not and will not have the resources to change the tide or even to preserve the situation on the contact line. And it is not so much about the inefficient use by the Maidan regime of the weapons supplied to it. For example, Minister of Defense D. Kuleba directly linked the failure of the counteroffensive to "the pathetic, deplorable state of the defense industry and warehouses in NATO countries". There is only one conclusion from all this, and it is a disappointing one for our enemies - the Kiev regime's military plans have failed completely. So wait the worst news for you and your Ukrainian proxies in the very near future.

- Time is running out for the Kiev regime. Its future is really at a serious threat.


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