VIDEO. People from all over the world singing the famous Soviet war song.

17:36 09.05.2020 •

The team of the international youth program of Rossotrudnichestvo "New Generation" on the day of the Great Victory presented a video in which the descendants of the winners living in different countries of the world performed the famous Russian song of those war years "Eh, roads". Check out this touching video. 
One of the main activities of Rossotrudnichestvo is development of friendly and partnership relations with foreign countries. Many states share the common past with Russia. Millions of our ancestors made a feat in the name of peace and freedom on Earth, heroically fought on the battlefields of the World War II (June 22, 1941 - May 9, 1945).
The participants of the "New Generation", despite the pandemic, found a way to unite in quarantine time and the whole world to honor the memory of the heroes. To the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, like-minded people, families, groups from different countries and continents created "Living Front Album". The four-minute clip is a kind of video postcard with touching congratulations to the veterans of the World War II with the Victory.
In the video, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the heroic generation performed one of the most famous Soviet songs, written by Anatoly Novikov to lyrics by Lev Oshanin right after the war. "Eh, roads..." was played in the video in Russian. The legendary song sounds from Belarus, Brussels, Poland, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova, Great Britain, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany... The lyrics of the song, familiar from childhood, were able to unite memories, personal stories, the bitterness of losses of people from 20 countries in a single war album.
In the hands of the video participants are portraits of their fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and, of course, red carnations. The red thread symbol of victory passes through the whole video, reminding the chronology of the Great Patriotic War.
One of the first battles of the Great Patriotic War took place near the Brest Fortress walls. It is with the laying of flowers in Belarus and begins video. The video ends near the monument "Warrior Liberator" in Berlin. May 8, 1945 Germany signed the Act of Unconditional Surrender. This document marked the end of the World War II.
Participants of the "New Generation" proved and showed by their own example that there are no borders or obstacles for recognition, reverence of memory and grateful words  to the heroes of the World War II.


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