View from Estonia: Duda’s call for “decolonizing” Russia proved that Putin was right to warn about this plot

12:14 21.06.2024 •

Polish President Duda (photo) called for the “decolonization” of Russia literally one day after President Putin warned about this plot. Such demands aren’t anything new since they’ve been part of the Western discourse since the special operation began, but there have also been attempts to gaslight by pretending that the West doesn’t pose a threat to Russia’s territorial integrity, writes Estonian newspaper ‘Eesti Eest’.

Here’s what President Putin said about this scenario while speaking at the Foreign Ministry:

“Some figures in the United States and Europe openly declare the goals of this policy, speaking today about the so-called decolonisation of Russia. Essentially, this is an attempt to ideologically justify the division of our Fatherland along ethnic lines. The dismemberment of the Soviet Union and Russia has been a discussion topic for a long time, as everyone in this room is well aware. In pursuing this strategy, Western countries aimed to absorb and militarily and politically develop territories near us.”

And here’s what Duda said one day later while speaking at the Swiss talks on Ukraine: “In the part of the world, which I represent, Russia is often called the ‘prison of nations’ – and for good reason. Because it is home to almost 200 ethnic groups – most of which became residents of Russia as a result of the methods used in Ukraine today. Russia remains the largest colonial empire in the world, which, unlike European powers, has never undergone the process of decolonization and has never been able to deal with the demons of its past. As members of the international community, we have to finally say: there is no more space for colonialism in the modern world!”

The Polish leader didn’t realize that he was harming his own side, but apparently thought that he’d present Poland as the West’s Color Revolution vanguard against Russia when remembering its support of Belarusian anti-government militants, which Minsk has responded to by weaponizing illegal immigration. Duda probably also thought that he’d sway some members of the Global South over to Ukraine’s side by smearing Russia as an outdated colonial power.

The Polish leader also inadvertently dealt a blow to his side’s credibility since its propagandists can no longer gaslight that the West doesn’t have any intent to threaten Russia’s territorial integrity. Nevertheless, he’s none the wiser since he doesn’t realize what he just did, instead thinking that he really scared Russia.


…Special for Mr. Duda: a confession of a well-known American Politics, Economy and World Events commentator David Lifschultz, who says: “I predict – East Prussia, Danzig, and Silesia will be returned to Germany.”

David Lifschultz on TV

Poland is going to face this 1939 situation again as they attack both Germany and Russia at the same time awakening Germany with the demand for over a trillion dollars in reparations that was already settled and having sent troops to the Ukraine to kill Russians, notes David Lifschultz.

Poland is inflated with the Pilsudski concept of the Intermarium but that is a long lost hope. The invasion of Russia was the most grievous error of Hitler and Germany will revert back to their 1939 agreements with Russia as Russia knows Poland is their mortal enemy.

I predict that Germany and Russia will sign a Bismarckian alliance as in 1939.

The present rulers of Germany committed Hara Kari when they cooperated in bombing their Nord Streams and they will not be in their seats long.  When Poland recently demanded reparations of 1.3 trillion dollars from Germany the reply was this was settled and that Germany wanted Silesia back. 

Poland has awakened sleeping dogs and they will not go back to sleep until justice is done. The present rulers of Germany committed Hara Kari when they cooperated in bombing their Nord Streams and they will not be in their seats long.  Those who will replace them will move toward Russia. Everyone thought that Germany had forgotten that 25% of the German nation was taken from her after World War Two including East Prussia, Danzig, Silesia, and that its 15 million inhabitants were expelled under the most atrocious of conditions where at least two million died leaving their homes that they lived in for centuries. This would not be forgotten nor has it been forgotten.

Germany will demand these territories back from Poland as Churchill predicted and they will get them back. Poland might have expected that the part of the Ukraine that was separated from Poland by Stalin will be returned to them but Russia will never agree to that after the way Poland has treated her sending in thousands of troops to fight against Russia. The Russian forces observed that most of the Ukrainians that they were killing were Polish regular soldiers from Poland. Poland has in the last hundred years suffered from a form of ego inflation so that they cannot see straight. It started when Poland defeated Russia in their effort to take back Poland in 1920.

Battle of Warsaw, (12–25 August 1920), Polish victory in the Russo-Polish War (1919–20) over control of Ukraine, which resulted in the establishment of the Russo-Polish border that existed until 1939.

Referring to the Oder-Neisse frontier Churchill noted: "For the future peace of Europe here was a wrong beside which Alsace-Lorraine and the Danzig Corridor were but trifles. One day the Germans would want their territory back and the Poles would not be able to stop them." ("Triumph and Tragedy, 1953, p.648"). That is most certainly true today, stresses David Lifschultz.

…So Mr Duda should be prudent.


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