View from France: West played ‘Russian roulette’ in Ukraine… And lost

11:34 24.08.2023 •

The NATO countries have recklessly declared their war aims: the complete military defeat of Russia. Thus, NATO signed its own death warrant, and with it the main Western states, which had the arrogance to proclaim their full commitment until the military defeat of Russia, writes the French ‘Agora Vox’.

Until now we have not appreciated the devastating consequences of the declarations of the Western countries and NATO. But the monumental failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive brings Western declarations to the fore, and we see that the West and NATO managed to defeat the Russian special military operation in Ukraine turned into an existential war for NATO and Western countries.

By resolutely committing itself to the complete military and economic defeat of Russia, the West has put itself in a death trap, so the defeat of Ukraine cannot foreseen for the West, since this would mean the military and political defeat of the united NATO countries against Russia.

The West can no longer save face. He can't get out of this situation or win it back!

It should remember that during the Cold War, the USSR supported North Korea and Vietnam militarily, and the United States armed the Afghan Mujahideen against the USSR, but the two superpowers never declared their participation in these conflicts against each other.

But today, like Borrell who boasted that “Europe is a lush garden surrounded by jungles,” the West foolishly vowed to “support Ukraine until Russia’s total military defeat”, because they accepted their desires as reality and believed their own propaganda and their own lies. They managed to convince themselves that Russia is “a seedy state in a state of economic recession” and that “a civil war for power in Moscow” is on the agenda, and “all this is at its last stage.” They assured themselves that “the Russian army has only a few tanks of the 1939-45 war, and its soldiers fight with shovels.”

The West is so mired in its superiority complex towards Russia and the rest of the world that it displays a brazen and unrestrained arrogance.

This supposed arrogance will be fatal for both NATO and the European Union, as these thoughtless statements leave no other option than the complete defeat of the West or the outbreak of World War III.

Western countries boasted that they “did everything possible to completely defeat Russia,” and now they can no longer retreat without losing face in the eyes of the whole world. And now either the West is capitulating in an open manner, with grave consequences for itself of a complete loss of trust and the collapse of Atlantic unity, or NATO is even more involved in an escalation leading to a world and nuclear war.

The goal of the West's war – “the complete defeat of Russia” – can’t achieved without a full-scale NATO war against Russia, since the Ukrainian proxy has been on the verge of survival for a long time. Western contractors may well send their best troops several times a day to pierce the Russian defenses, but note that after two months of fighting since June 4, the Ukrainians still have not occupied the first “weakest lines” of Russian defense. They irrevocably lost over 40 000 men and a third of the modern “invincible” Western weapons that were supposed to “sweep the Russians to the Urals.”

The complete failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive confirmed by the change in the tone of the American media: they have replaced the regime of triumphant declarations with desperate pleas for “you can’t lose everything.” The Guardian admits, that “hopes for a quick break have proven too optimistic in the face of a entrenched defense.”

The West has sacrificed Ukraine, which has practically no more human resources to sacrifice, and men over 55 make very poor infantrymen.

Therefore, the West cannot win this war without bringing its troops into the battle. Despite the fact that Western ammunition and weapons are becoming scarce, while Russian arms factories are operating at full capacity in the Urals.

The dream of a complete military defeat of Russia is turning into a nightmare for the West.

With the current state of the balance of power, NATO is unable to throw its troops against Russia, the Vilnius summit was a demonstration of this, and it recorded that Ukraine is not capable of defeating Russia, despite the phenomenal amounts of ammunition and military equipment delivered from NATO countries.

The West has played Russian roulette and has already lost, but do Western countries recognize this? Will they accept the loss of face? Or will they embark on a suicidal adventure for the entire planet?

Whatever happens next, the West has already lost, and the coup in Niger is just one of the incidents.

In fact, by declaring total war on recalcitrant Russia, the West demonstrated to the rest of the world its intention to continue manage the planet in accordance with its criteria, to dictate its will to the rest of the Planet, as in gunboat policy.

The West has demonstrated to the whole Planet that other countries are considered only as backyards of sources of raw materials, against which the West can wage war at any moment, block their monetary assets and, finally, destroy them under any pretext. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia and other countries prove it.

The political and military defeat of the West has already confirmed by the acceleration of the geopolitical restructuring of the World around Russia and China and the strengthening of the BRICS. Dozens of countries are rushing to the gates of the BRICS, because Russia has pulled the whip of slavery from the West, stresses French ‘Agora Vox’.


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