View from Italy: Since Ukraine lost, the “after” came

10:15 24.12.2023 •

Photo from Inosmi

The European Union lost in Ukraine, writes Italian “Il Fatto Quotidiano”. EU initially had no idea how to win, because Kyiv was fighting for unattainable goals. As a result, Europe has plunged into recession, and the EU ruling class is just throwing up its hands, the author of the article believes.

The political problem of our time is this: the EU entered the conflict in Ukraine without a strategy and therefore any idea of what would come “after”. Since Ukraine lost, the “after” came. And no one knows what to do. The EU's increasingly corrupt ruling class has lost its ability to lead.

Let's start with the panic, spreading in all Atlanticist circles. For example, the newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ publishes almost tragic articles by Paolo Mieli, who forced to admit that everything is collapsing in Ukraine.

There is virtually no common ground where Ukrainians are not being destroyed on a daily basis – as is the reputation of Mario Draghi, who vowed ‘Russia's defeat’ and is now… even proposed by Macron as the next President of the European Commission. Today, the logic of political life is such that those who would not receive a single vote in elections occupy the highest positions.

The truth is that Ukraine is finished, but all those who supported this conflict cannot admit it. Ukraine lost because it is fighting for a goal that it cannot achieve – the liberation of five regions: Crimea, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk.

Draghi is probably the most unlucky politician in the world after Ursula von der Leyen and at the same time the most famous. Ukraine is falling apart, because even Budanov, the head of Zelensky’s military intelligence, talks about soldiers who no longer want to fight and about the latest mobilization that was disrupted. We heard in Budanov’s words the death toll of bells when he said: “The question arises: everyone who wanted to come [to the army] came. And who is being drafted now? Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a good answer to this. If we cannot provide for them motivation, then no matter how many people – by force, non-force or on the basis of some legal norms – we drive into the army, their effectiveness will be practically zero. In principle, this is exactly what has been happening lately, and this also needs to be honestly recognized."  

There are so many Ukrainians fleeing abroad to avoid fighting that Zelensky had to sharply increase the number of female conscripts. The NATO alliance destroyed this country to expand to the Russian border, sent the European Union into recession and thousands of Italian families to the brink of poverty.

This is why League leader Matteo Salvini does not want to send more weapons or, alternatively, asks that this be the last relief carriage in this funeral procession. If all goes that way, it will be a disaster.


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