View from London: “Please can somebody tell Lord Cameron he's not the Foreign Minister of Ukraine?”

12:25 17.04.2024 •

Lord Cameron proves almost daily that he is the man in this country who is most strongly unqualified to be Foreign Secretary. Last week he annoyed the Americans by telling them to shower money for munitions on to Ukraine, writes Peter Jonathan Hitchens, an English author, broadcaster, journalist, and commentator, who writes for ‘The Mail’ on Sunday.

I think Baron Cameron has done this three times since he took on his new post, twice by flying at our expense to Washington DC and once by penning an article for a political website in the American capital.

The main response has been nothing. But last week the Speaker of the House of  Representatives, Mike Johnson, squelched our former premier by refusing even to meet him. There were immediate sad cries of: 'What about the Special Relationship?', but as I keep telling you, there is no such thing. We matter to the Americans slightly more than Bulgaria, and much less than Ireland.

Try to see this the way Americans do. Republican Congressmen are holding up the money for Kyiv to try to force President Biden to do something about the collapse of America's southern border. In truth, American politicians care a lot more about uncontrolled migration than they do about the Ukraine crisis.

This is why Lord Slippery misses with both barrels when he goes to Washington to badger Congress. He annoys them by plainly not understanding a major national concern. And he shows enthusiasm for war, which is dwindling there. Imagine if the US's Secretary of State were a smooth and wealthy member of that country's elite, and kept flying over here to tell us to rejoin the EU, a rough equivalent. He would get, at the very least, some funny looks. I suspect we would get pretty angry after the third time.

Cameron is not the Foreign Minister of Ukraine. His job is to promote British interests, not those of President Zelensky, who has his own slick public relations machine hard at work in Washington.


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