View from Paris: Joachim Murat. Plea for a Europe of Nations

11:20 21.04.2024 •

Joachim Charles Napoléon Murat, Prince of Pontecorvo (photo), a French aristocrat and member of the Bonaparte-Murat family, addressed the peoples of Europe with an appeal on the eve of elections to the European Parliament:

- We are at a critical turning point where the French Nation is accelerating its decline and risks plunging into a war with devastating and unprecedented consequences. The time is therefore for action is now.

For me, this is what is at stake in these elections to the European Parliament.

European construction was first of all a formidable ideal and a source of hope. That of a Europe of nations, conceived by General de Gaulle as a privileged space of alliances, solidarity and partnerships between sovereign and democratic European nations. Airbus and Erasmus are the fruits of this. Proof that Europe can function in the interest of all.

But another vision took over, that of a federal Europe where the European nations would be completely diluted, transformed into Eurozones within the “United States of Europe”. A despotic European Commission, an unbalancing euro, an exploited ECHR, an out-of-control Schengen area, a disarmed Parliament, the pile-up of treaties and the frenzy of directives are the direct consequences of this development.

This acceleration towards a federal Europe is incompatible with the survival of our Nation and with the republican and democratic spirit. It signs the death warrant of French-style social democracy which took more than a millennium to build.

The successive resignations of our national sovereignty in favor of a federalist European construction are gradually destroying this France, the flagship of emancipation; and undermine the last foundations of democracy and our popular sovereignty.

The spirit of the times, carried for several decades by our beautiful, slightly above-ground souls, is towards the dilution of our France in a Europe in the hands of technocrats without any democratic legitimacy who authoritarianly decide our future "in the darkness of the commissions and the chiaroscuro of the courts of justice.»

So let at least the floor be given to those who categorically refuse this terrible waste.

It is well identified. It has long been favored by the boredom and disinterest caused in many French and European citizens by incomprehensible discussions around European construction. This method of indecipherable gibberish, this strategy of deliberately hermetic discourse has until now worked perfectly to create in silence, far from the consent of the people, an undemocratic European Union, a playhouse of all corruption, all interference and all public or private influence peddling.

Then, suddenly, the situation got worse.

Today we are rushing into spirals that are leading us towards open conflict with Russia with consequences that are impossible to anticipate in a world that has nuclear weapons.

And yet, the mere suggestion of peace negotiations is presented by the zealots of a federal Europe as high treason in the service of Russia. This same Europe devouring our Nations which claimed to be the sole guarantor of continental peace. The pacifist camp is, in his eyes, that of the enemy: whoever dares to speak of peace deserves the media and social firing squad.

So, is this the Europe we want? A machine of intimidation which, to justify its authoritarian construction, leads us towards a major conflict and deprives us of our democratic recourses as well as our most basic sovereignty?

This is why I made the decision to get involved in the European election campaign, to offer an alternative to this worrying federalist drift.

I therefore commit myself to the “We the People” list.

The objective of “We the People” is clear: to restore the Europe of Nations project.

“When we want – we can, when we can – we must!” said Napoleon Bonaparte.


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