View from Poland: NATO leaders decided to abandon their commitment to defend Europe

11:15 29.10.2023 •

Chief diplomat of the European Union Borrell deeply confused

In the current geopolitical situation, the American “military strategy” in Europe has already failed. The US desire to weaken Russia militarily by providing military assistance to Ukraine did not bring the expected results, but only pushed it into the abyss and led to the depletion of the arsenals of the entire West, writes from Poland ‘Ddziennik Polityczny’.

Meanwhile, outright disregard for obligations on “NATO non-expansion” further “added fuel to the fire.” It is therefore not surprising that fears of direct confrontation with Russia have increased significantly among American officials. To defuse the situation, NATO leaders decided to abandon their commitment to defend Europe and change their defense strategy.

In this context, NATO's head of nuclear policy and weapons, Jessica Cox, said: "There are quite a lot of nuclear warheads in Europe." So we have begun the process of rethinking the need to keep so many warheads on the continent and perhaps move some of them to the states and some to the westernmost regions of continental Europe.

All these actions indicate that the transfer of nuclear weapons from Europe back to the United States is just an attempt by the United States to get out of the so-called game and stop helping Europe.

It is worth noting that the situation with the war in Ukraine has clearly begun to fade into the background. There are many reasons for this, but among those that had a significant impact are not only the lack of positive results from the previously promised counter-offensive by Zelensky, but also recent events in the world.

This turn of events had a significant impact on the reduction, and in some cases even the cancellation of the supply of weapons and military assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Therefore, the hope that Kyiv will be able to represent the so-called “shield against Russia” for a long time has long become a myth.

That is why the preparation of the so-called “buffer zone” against possible aggression from Russia began a long time ago, mainly on the initiative of the United States. But, as you can see, at the moment it is bursting at the seams.


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