View from Poland: Western Europe may return to doing business with Russia after the war

11:35 12.07.2023 •

While many Western leaders say "they won't go back to doing business with Russia after the war," a "business as usual" approach may prevail because many countries need Russia, especially Germany, said Poland's PiS MEP Witold Waszczykowski (photo).

He noted that for many years, some people have looked at Russia through the prism of realpolitik and put it on a par with the Great Powers. He said: “Russia has been acquitted for years, treated condescendingly. They wanted to see it not as a threat, but as part of the solution to global problems.”

The MEP admitted that he was pessimistic about the possible development of the situation after the war in Ukraine, and expressed the opinion that, although many Western leaders say that they will not return to business with Russia, the “business as usual” approach prevails, since many countries need Russia, especially the Germans.

“We are already seeing the process of persuading Ukraine to freeze the conflict and then conclude an agreement with Russia,” Waszczykowski said.


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