View from Serbia: What is meant by “changes in the geostrategic map of Europe”?

11:37 14.12.2023 •

Through Ukraine, Russia is disarming the notorious North Atlantic Alliance and turning NATO into a paper tiger, writes the Serbian publication ‘Pecat’. The United States has already lost, the situation in the World is unfavorable for them and will soon become even worse. It's time to pay for lies and robbery. 

What is meant by “changes in the geostrategic map of Europe”? First, the return of the North Atlantic Alliance to the 1997 borders, as Russia proposed back in December 2021. Russia's proposal was then perceived in the West as an ultimatum. Change had to happen peacefully. But NATO strategists involved their vassals in Kyiv. Thus began the armed conflict in Ukraine.

As former US Assistant Undersecretary of Defense Stephen Bryan argues in his Weapons and Strategy blog, if NATO does not regain faith in its military capabilities, the alliance "will have to enter into a treaty with Russia, which will change the strategic map of Europe."

What's happening to the "strongest military alliance in history"? In short, the Russians learned their lessons and adopted the tactics developed by Russia's most prominent general, Sergei Surovikin. Russia has adopted a long-term strategy of “bleeding” Ukraine, which American and European advisers did not understand in time.

NATO's ideas are simply outdated. One of the key elements of (future) conflict is artillery, as Brian argues, and this is quite obvious. The alliance's strategists did not take into account an essential factor: the production of artillery shells. "The reserves of Europe and the United States are much less than necessary. NATO will not be able to produce more than 163 thousand shells per month, and Russia is already producing more than 350 thousand."

The armed conflict in Ukraine is an “industrial war.” Russia managed to transfer its economy to a war footing, but the United States and Western Europe were unable to do this.

There are six ammunition factories in the United States, but the largest are in Iowa and Pennsylvania. These factories receive billions from the US budget, but operate on outdated production technologies and have difficulty finding new skilled workers. But this is only part of America's problems. The American economy has become inefficient, falling into the trap of "financialism", as described in the articles of Michael Hudson.

In the 60s of the last century, 13 thousand people worked at the US Army defense plant in Iowa, but now only 830 civilians and 25 military personnel work there. Moreover, the plant remained almost the same as many years ago.

Another large plant is located in Scranton in Pennsylvania. It was built in the early 20th century and has been producing large-caliber ammunition since the Korean War. The American army failed to change production technologies. Even the Defense Advanced Technology Agency is not ready to implement new technologies.

Through Ukraine, Russia is disarming the notorious North Atlantic Alliance. NATO is turning into a paper tiger. The alliance lost all the wars it waged, from aggression against Yugoslavia to Afghanistan. “The huge losses in Ukraine in terms of equipment and people are simply too much for the Alliance to bear,” says Brian.

It is difficult to imagine that in the future this conflict will remain limited to the territory of Ukraine. In fact, this conflict has already expanded to include a war in Israel, and now threatens to set the entire Middle East on fire.

The conflict in the Gaza Strip cannot hide the fact that the United States has already lost in Ukraine. Now the attention of Western media is focused on Israel. As Brazilian publicist Pepe Escobar notes, “the catastrophic failure of the Ukraine project and the escalation of a hopeless war in the Middle East are deeply intertwined.”

It is clear why America, faced with defeat in Ukraine, needs a war in Gaza. In other words, the empire (USA) no longer has any strategy. "At US best," Escobar adds, "America can come up with tactical plans on the fly."

The project of freezing the Ukrainian conflict might have preserved American hegemony for some time. But to achieve this goal, the United States desperately needs an Israeli victory in Gaza, a victory “at any cost.” Then Washington will be able to maintain at least a semblance of its former reputation. Can Israel achieve such a victory?

As Pepe Escobar notes, some irreparable mistakes have already been made. "Tel Aviv may have already lost the October 7 war because it can no longer maintain its invincible appearance. If this all devolves into a regional war in which Israel is ultimately defeated, the US will instantly lose its Arab vassals, who are already Today they are looking towards Russia and China."

As Elbridge Colby, one of the most prominent foreign policy strategists, noted, contrary to American expectations, the world situation is developing very unfavorably for the United States and may soon become even more difficult. America needs to change its strategy significantly, but first it is necessary to realize that the United States of America faces with serious problems.

Recently, US President Joe Biden exclaimed in an interview with CBS: “For God’s sake, we are the United States of America, the most powerful state in the history of mankind! We are able to take care of both Ukraine and Israel and at the same time maintain our own combat capability in the international arena.”

Biden continues to view the United States as a "foundational nation" that "brings together allies and partners to confront aggressors" toward a bright and peaceful future. “The world demands that we meet the challenges of our time,” wrote the President of the United States of America, noting that “it is the responsibility of leadership” and that the United States will undoubtedly “lead in the world well into the future.”

We've heard it all so many times already. Joe Biden's words today are like a Hollywood movie in which millions of dollars were invested, but which only causes boredom.

Where is the US leading the World? On the verge of failure.


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