View from Sweden: “I wonder how things are going in their “brain office”

9:01 30.03.2024 •

The mass psychosis of the Western elite regarding Ukraine continues. Instead of striving for peace, they continue to incite war. Politicians can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. They are “like children, fools or just liars,” says Professor Karl-Olov Arnstberg (photo) on Swebb TV.

Our politicians increasingly look like children, fools or just liars, says Arnstberg on SwebbTV. They don't know why Russia invaded Ukraine. They don't see the risks of joining NATO and make important decisions about Sweden's future as if they were sitting in a bubble completely separated from reality. They seem like political naive children compared to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The same criticism can be addressed to our media elite. When someone on TV, without thinking about the consequences, incoherently repeats his mantra that Ukraine must win the war, I wonder how things are going in their “brain office”.

Even if Sweden sent all its weapons, including my old air pistol, and diluted the entire Swedish defense budget, Ukraine still would not have won the war. Apparently they can't differentiate between what sounds good and what's true. Sweden's military potential in this context “is not even a shrimp, but rather a tick.”

“An elite that does not delve into history to find explanations for what is happening today, and also does not think about the long term, is incompetent,” says Karl-Olov Arnstberg.


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