View from USA: 2024 will make 2023 look like ‘a walk in the park’ but we can make it through ‘the storm’

11:09 13.10.2023 •

The convergence of multiple red-alert warnings is staring us in the face, all pointing to a major “event” of some type in the upcoming weeks or months.

Whatever it is, this new catastrophe will hasten the collapse of the old world system, a collapse of economies and political structures that is already underway, paving the way for the Great Reset or, as some call it, the New World Order, predicts American political scientist Leo Hohmann, a veteran investigative reporter who has spent decades researching and writing about education, immigration, crime, politics and religion.

Predicting the timing of such an event is impossible but I do believe we are looking at a major shock event happening roughly within the next three to nine months, a year at most.

The reason is simple. The billionaire globalist oligarchs desire to bring about a situation which involves digitization (of money and human beings), dehumanization (humans replaced by transhuman hybrids), destruction (of all cultural norms, male/female genders, the ability to reproduce without technology, etc.) and depopulation (of those deemed “useless eaters”). These are the “Four Ds” needed to bring about the total control that globalist technocrats seek to extend over all human behavior in a restructured world run by artificial intelligence and based on the elimination of all fossil fuel usage by the common man (non-oligarchs). If only the oligarchs have access to fossil fuels and only the oligarchs are allowed to reproduce and enjoy freedom of speech, what you end up with is a one-world slave state. And that’s exactly the goal.

So the Four Ds are used to get to the fifth and final D, which is dystopia. In the eyes of the globalist predator class, they’re reaching for their utopia, but for the rest of us, it will be a living hell, a dystopia.

These globalist oligarchs were only able to destroy so much of the old world order with Covid and they need another big crisis event to finish the job of achieving all their dystopian goals, which are encompassed in the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. They’ve played language games, reminiscent of Orwellian newspeak, to make us think the SDGs will bring about utopia. In reality, the masses will be ushered into the nightmare of dystopia.

If the globalists continue to pressure their minions in national and state capitols to enact their green new deals and “net zero” campaigns, the masses will eventually wake up and come for these globalists. That awakening has already begun, and that is why it is urgent that they escalate a full-blown World War III scenario, which includes famine and shortages, as soon as they possibly can.

Russia is an obstacle to their plans for a truly one-world system. Not because of Putin being any kind of hero, but because of the Russian people and their will to survive under a purely Russian leader. They will not accept a World Economic Forum puppet like the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe have accepted to rule over them. They don’t mind an authoritarian strong man but it must be a real Russian who is in charge.

Russia and Putin may be on board with digitization, but not with the other three Ds – dehumanization, destruction of all cultural norms, and depopulation, largely due to the strong influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, which remains much more traditional in its thinking than the Roman Catholic Church.

If I’m right and the globalist oligarchs have another shock event planned within the next three to nine months, that means the window for preparedness is also closing.

Those caught off guard by what is coming will find themselves completely dependent on exactly the wrong people for their survival. They will be at the mercy of the globalist cartel. Since this is a predator class of psychopaths, you do not want to be dependent on them for anything.

If viewed in a vacuum, the headlines of today would not be sending up red flags of warning. But when you look at them in totality, it becomes clear something big is going down that will forever reshuffle the deck of global power and change our outlook going forward.

The bottom line is that this is no time for normalcy bias.

We are already in the beginning stages of World War III with Russia in Eastern Europe, in Syria, and with Africa and Asia getting ready to explode as well.

I think it’s inevitable that World War III continues to escalate into the outbreak of direct day-to-day warfare between the world’s two major nuclear powers, roughly divided by East and West, with the U.S./NATO/Australia/Japan/South Korea on one side, and Russia/China/Iran/North Korea on the other side.

The U.S. and Great Britain along with the rest of their NATO vassal states procured this war with Russia by continually expanding the NATO military alliance eastward into Russia’s back yard. NATO politicians and commanders have been talking about their “open door policy” for at least 20 years, and this is like pouring salt into an open wound as it relates to Russia and its history of being invaded from the west. In 2008, NATO invited Ukraine into the alliance pending it meeting certain criteria and that was really the last straw. Ever since that overture, it was just a matter of time before Russia sent its forces into Ukraine.

As the nations line up and draw the battle lines for World War III, India is the wildcard. This is not the old India. It is the fastest-growing nation, it has a lot of technical expertise, and it can field a huge army. It could make the difference in who wins World War III depending which side it decides to join.

Once World War III ratchets up, we’re looking at a nationwide draft in the U.S. heading into an election year, which means the potential outbreak of civil war on U.S. soil at the same time we’re involved in world war.

The way things are going, I foresee a combination of at least three or four of the above scenarios taking place simultaneously. Think about the impact that would have on everyday society, stresses Leo Hohmann.


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