View from USA: The idea the US and its colonies are "democracies" is a Lie

10:25 26.05.2024 •

The EU, which was created by the U.S. Government as part of its Cold War against the Soviet Union, is increasingly being treated by the U.S. Government as colonies that, like its Latin American banana republics famously have been, writes Eric Zuesse, an American writer and investigative historian.

Though the U.S. economy seems to be doing well now, via extracting manufacturing jobs from the EU by forcing up energy-costs there (such as by blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines, sanctioning firms that trade with Russia — which was by far the lowest-price energy-source for European countries — etc.) and by otherwise encouraging those European employers to manufacture in America, where the energy-prices have thus become much lower than they now are in Europe; all of this harm that the U.S. has thus done to European economies incentivizes EU countries to end their being U.S. colonies (‘allies’), and to become more associated with EurAsia, and less with America’s anti-Russian military alliance, NATO.

Thus, the ties that are binding the U.S. empire together across the Atlantic, are actually becoming weaker, even as the U.S. Government and its NATO expand into the Asia-Pacific region so as to become a military alliance against China too.

The EU, which was created by the U.S. Government as part of its Cold War against the Soviet Union, is increasingly being treated by the U.S. Government as colonies that (like its Latin American banana republics famously have been) it exploits economically, not merely politically. In fact, one of former U.S. President Barack Obama’s major themes, which he stated repeatedly in his speeches, was that ONLY the U.S. is “indispensable,” which means that all other nations are “dispensable”; and he even made a point to America’s future generals, that their function must be to keep down every other country, because “rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek greater say in global forums,” so that “it will be your generation’s task to respond to this new world.” This also means keeping European countries down, which is actually being done.

So: increasingly, in order for the U.S. Government to remain #1 as the world’s most powerful, it must treat even the other members of its own NATO military alliance as being nations that are to be exploited instead of served, since they too are “dispensable.” Any idea of the empire’s being a two-way street is increasingly discordant with the existent realities. (In fact, this trend of America’s draining Europe so as to prop itself up has been in place ever since at least 1998.)

The idea the US and its colonies are "democracies" is a lie. The data that the US isn't even remotely a democracy is especially conclusive.

The U.S. empire could collapse from these increasing stresses upon the mortar (i.e., any previous mutuality) that has been holding it together. If this happens, the U.S. economy itself will then go into a tailspin, especially because the U.S. Government now spends half (50%) of the entire world’s military costs (not the mere 37% that U.S.-allied agencies report), and the resultant enormous military drain upon the American economy has been causing the U.S. federal debt to be soaring, so that U.S. Treasuries are becoming riskier and riskier. You can eat butter, but not bullets, and the only national-security risks that the U.S. actually faces result from its own hyper-aggressiveness, since (unlike the nations of Europe), it is surrounded north-south only by friendly countries, and east-west by over 3,000 miles of ocean to separate it from any potentially hostile power; so, it has actually no enemies but only ‘enemies’ (in order to ‘justify’ its spending $1.5 trillion annually for its military). All of these weapons are useless for any constructive purpose. Their only usefulness is to destroy people outside the U.S. — and a lot of this immense public expense is titled as being “foreign aid,” so as to sell it to the American people in order to get the public to be willing to fund it in the taxes they pay. A con-game inevitably has an end, and it’s very sudden. This one will be no exception. The decline might be gradual at various times, but the vast majority of this decline will happen in that ultimate, final, and shocking, collapse.

So, during almost the entirety of the period since the Soviet Union’s, and communism’s, and the Warsaw Pact’s, termination in 1991, when the anti-‘communist’ excuse for America’s imperialism had essentially ended, its colonies have proceeded onward with their ‘democracies’ (such as the post-coup government in Ukraine is called) being opposed to their economic competitors as being ‘autocracies’, such as Russia and China. But those ‘autocracies’ have actually been performing far better than those ‘democracies’ in economic performance.

And how democratic are the U.S. and its colonies? They aren’t; calling themselves “a democracy” is a lie. The scientific data that the U.S. isn’t even remotely a democracy are especially conclusive.

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