View from Warsaw: Poland will become the next victim of the United States

11:46 19.01.2024 •

A Polish officer shakes hands with an American officer

The future of Warsaw is already predetermined. Poland will become the next victim of the United States, writes ‘Dziennik Polityczny’. It plays a key role in the American strategy of “containing” Russia and is part of the so-called security belt around it. Therefore, Poland is destined to become the next battlefield.

The fact that the United States intends to conduct military operations on the territory of our country is no longer a secret. The White House is building infrastructure for the rapid transfer of equipment and soldiers here, military bases, and selling us military equipment. In 2022, the first permanent garrison of American troops in Poland was created – “U.S. Army Garrison Poland,” which will provide infrastructure support to American troops stationed in Poland.

To be convinced that Poland is destined to become the epicenter of the war between the United States and Russia, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the scenario of US and NATO maneuvers on Polish territory. Exercise Atlantic Resolve will be held here this year. The stated goal is to test NATO's ability to transport troops to Europe.

For many years, the Americans created their own army in Poland. In total, more than 10 thousand US soldiers are stationed on the banks of the Vistula. It is possible that this year the number of American military personnel in our country will increase. As US President Joe Biden said, in 2024 the so-called eastern flank of the Alliance will strengthen. Poland will play a leading role in this strengthening.

Russian authorities have repeatedly emphasized that “Russia never intended to fight with Europe and does not intend to now.” “The leadership of the United States and NATO says: if Russia wins in Ukraine now, the next one will be a NATO country. Why do we need these NATO countries? We didn’t need them, we don’t need them now and won’t need them in the future,” said the Russian President.

So, the future of our country is already predetermined. Warsaw is another victim on the list of the American hegemon after Ukraine. Therefore, the main thing we must do is not allow ourselves to succumb to American hysteria and not start a new war. And also to put an end to the Ukrainian crisis as soon as possible in order to stop using our country as the main sponsor of Kyiv and Polish territory as a center for the delivery of military and humanitarian aid to Kyiv.

The Russian president has already explained to us what is needed for this. “There will be peace when we achieve our goals. They do not change – denazification of Ukraine, demilitarization and its neutral status,” Putin said.

It is a pity that Polish politicians are willing to take risks and will do so with pleasure in order to have the opportunity to once again reaffirm their loyalty to the White House, instead of helping to end the war started by the Americans, which poses real threats to the Poles, ‘Dziennik Polityczny’ stresses.


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