View from Washington: Biden is losing World War III

11:53 24.05.2024 •

Photo: Reuters

President Joe Biden has become the James Buchanan of the 21st century. Buchanan, the nation’s 15th president, widely considered history’s worst, sought to mollify everyone, yet in the end pleased no one. Under his rule, the nation drifted ever-closer to secession and Civil War.

More than a century and a half later, the world is devolving into a global ideological World War III.

Yet Biden’s National Security Strategy remains rooted in fighting “something less than two simultaneous or overlapping major conflicts,” according to a January Congressional Research Service report entitled “Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense,” writes ‘The Hill’.

The report notes that, in 2018, the Trump administration was confronted with an Obama-era decision of “building a force not around the demands of two regional conflicts with rogue states, but around the requirements of winning a high-intensity conflict with a single, top-tier competitor — a war with China over Taiwan, for instance, or a clash with Russia in the Baltic region.”

But in reality, our nation is being confronted with three wars: the war in Ukraine, the war in the Middle East, and the looming war over Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Actually, make that three and a half wars, if you include the war of influence we are losing in the Sahel region of Africa as U.S. forces abandon bases in Niger.

Biden, seemingly caught in the vice grip of November electoral calculus, is refusing even to acknowledge that we are already in World War III, let alone take the necessary measures to win it. As a result, our nation’s military, weapons and munitions production capacity, and its ability to engage with the cyberwarfare emanating from Moscow and Beijing, are all woefully lacking. All require an immediate remedy.

Simply put, the more Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security advisor, argues for de-escalation, the more our enemies use those windows to escalate.

Israel is a case study in the madness of Biden’s Buchanan-like approach to handling the nation’s foreign policy. Initially, Biden was strongly supportive of Jerusalem’s right to put an end to Hamas as a military threat to Israel. In the wake of anti-Israel Palestinian protests on U.S. campuses throughout the country and in particular in New York City, Biden’s resolve dissipated. The unity coalition government of Israel, in an existential war with Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, soon found itself under friendly fire originating from Washington, D.C.

Defending Michigan’s 15 electoral votes seemingly became more important than safeguarding Israel, destroying Hamas, or alone extricating the eight American hostages still held in Gaza.

Karim Khan, the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, announced he was seeking arrest warrants for alleged war crimes in Gaza by Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian president killed in a helicopter crash, was never indicted by the ICC, despite being known as the “Butcher of Tehran” for ordering the deaths of tens of thousands of Iranians.

Biden has lost the plot — or maybe he is incapable of grasping it. Russia and China are destroying the post–World War II global order and the institutions that once safeguarded it — including the UN Security Council and now, indirectly, the ICC.

Biden and his politicos are sacrificing American national security in an attempt to win in November.


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