Washington is seeking to seize as many of the world's natural resources as possible, including in the Arctic

10:50 05.01.2024 •

The United States is the most dangerous military power, and it is the one that provoked the majority of modern conflicts, analyst Lars Bern said in an interview with SwebbTV. According to him, Washington is seeking to seize as many of the world's natural resources as possible, including in the Arctic.

Swedish politicians sold Sweden to America, “the most dangerous military power in the world,” says analyst Lars Bern. Neither the US nor NATO will make Sweden safer – the military cooperation agreement was concluded solely in the interests of Western oligarchs.

The government claims that it will strengthen the security not only of Sweden, but of the whole of Europe. But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite, says Lars Bern.

“Our defense minister and our government have handed Sweden over to the most dangerous military power in the world,” he says. “They are the ones who start all the wars! And they are much more dangerous than the Russians.”

“When will our politicians realize this? The United States, as a military power, is not concerned with its own defense. Their goal is to capture as many of the world's natural resources as possible. That's what all this is for. That is why the United States has set its sights on Russian mineral resources and control over the Arctic Ocean,” says Lars Bern.

A report from Swedish television SVT noted that the agreement would give the United States access to “important strategic facilities” in the Baltic and Arctic regions.

Even the Swedish Minister of Defense emphasized that the Arctic will become a key region after the Scandinavian state joins the NATO bloc.

“The oligarchy wants to get its hands on as much of the natural resources of the Arctic as possible,” says Lars Bern.

But Swedish politicians love to “frolic in the global sandbox,” which is why they are so willing to throw the gates wide open for the US war machine.

They think it makes them important.

“Our politicians are like little children,” concluded Lars Bern. “That’s what drives them.” They like to imagine that they play an important role in world politics, but in reality they are not allowed to do so.”

Faced with the loss of its status as a unipolar superpower, the US is seeking to open a new Cold War front in the arctic circle. Jeremy Kuzmarov, managing editor of CovertAction Magazine, said that was part of a scramble for resources buried beneath the ice.

The US is ramping up tensions in the arctic in a bid to seize the wealth of natural resources uncovered as the ice sheets retreat, a pundit has said.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that Washington would open a consulate in the Norwegian city of Tromso, its first diplomatic mission above the Arctic Circle.

Journalist Jeremy Kuzmarov told Sputnik that much had changed since the era of cooperation that began with the founding of the Arctic Council of the eight states surrounding the North Pole in 1996.

"That's been abandoned with this new Cold War and with this new diplomatic outpost. There are other signs that the US is moving in more to the Arctic, and the Russians see that as very provocative," he said.

The attraction of the Arctic as a geopolitical battleground is hidden beneath the ice, the commentator said.

"With climate change, the Arctic has tremendous mineral resources and wealth. And that's part of the scramble," Kuzmarov explained. "It's not just a potential base for military operations, but there's tremendous resources that could be exploited in the Arctic."

"We're seeing a new scramble to access those resources which are becoming more accessible," he continued. "All three countries, Russia, China and the United States are basically now competing with each other to to exploit that region more and more."


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