Week of antiwar protests in USA

11:54 23.01.2023 •

The antiwar actions scheduled Jan. 13-23, in at least 50 U.S. cities, come as another escalation is threatened in the U.S.-NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, informs “The Workers”.

“No to NATO” in New York City, Times Square, Jan. 14 (photo). Hundreds joined the rally called by Answer. Setting the political tone for the participants, Sara Flounders of UNAC — who is a contributing editor to Workers World — slammed NATO’s role as a U.S.-led force for oppression of peoples and nations around the world.

Times Square, New York City, Jan. 14. Following an hour of education and agitation, the crowd marched and rolled downtown on Seventh Ave. to bring the message to others in Manhattan. While the original call emphasized a demand for negotiations, many of the signs held by participants had the slogan, “No to NATO!”

Boston Common, Park Street Station, Jan. 14. Antiwar activists gathered in a sleeting rain for a rally and speak-out near the newly unveiled bronze statue: “The Embrace,” dedicated to King and his spouse, Coretta Scott King — who had met in Boston in the 1950s. The statue’s “Freedom Plaza” base pays homage to 65 additional civil rights leaders. The activists recommitted to strengthening the U.S. workers’ struggle against the evils of poverty, racism and militarism — as Dr. King taught.

Chanting “Money for jobs and education, not for war and nuclear conflagration!” “Cuba sí, bloqueo no!” and “No war but class war!” trade unionists, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and disability rights activists, veterans, socialists and youth coalesced with a chorus of demands — including “Defund the Pentagon, Abolish NATO” and “Fund Human Needs, Not U.S.-NATO Wars!”

San Francisco, downtown. Jan. 14. Demonstrators ignored the threat of heavy  rain to protest the U.S./NATO-provoked war in Ukraine and to demand “No expansion of NATO.” Several speakers, including Mike Wong of Veterans for Peace, warned about U.S. military plans to provoke wars against both Russia and China. The theme of the Answer-led demonstration was “Negotiations Now — Peace in the Ukraine — No NATO Expansion.”

John Parker, Socialist Unity Party, California U.S. Senate Candidate, who recently traveled to Donbass, and Melinda Butterfield, Struggle-La Lucha co-editor and author of “U.S. Proxy War in Ukraine & Donbass,” revealed how Ukraine’s Kiev regime, placed in power by a U.S.-manipulated coup, waged war on the people of Ukraine’s southeastern Donbass region for eight years before Russia had intervened.

Seattle, MLK Day Jan. 16 (photo). At the 40th annual MLK Jr. march, many people carried antiwar signs and banners, chanting “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation.” After the march, some people attended the grand reopening of Seattle’s Northwest African American Museum.


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