“Welcome to the Banana Republic of America!”

11:35 11.04.2023 •

Pic. ‘The American Thinker’

America has officially descended from Ronald Reagan’s “shining city upon the hill” to a banana republic, Brian C Joondeph, a physician and writer insists at “The American Conservative”. Elected officials from both parties have no interest in slowing America’s decline and most are cheering it on.

Just this week, any semblance of fairness, justice, equal protection under the law, and a host of other principles which allowed America to thrive for almost 250 years were thrown out the window. America’s demise didn’t begin this week and can be traced to the days of FDR and then the liberal big-government explosion of the 1960s.

There were several checks and balances along the way, tapping on the brakes of America hurdling toward the abyss, specifically Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Other Republican presidents merely took the foot off the accelerator, allowing America to coast closer to calamity while Democrat presidents floored the gas pedal, speeding up the decline.

This past week illustrated the precarious state of America as ‘a beacon of freedom and liberty’.

Start with the indictment of former President Donald Trump. A Manhattan district attorney turned a misdemeanor, long past the statute of limitations, into a federal crime which his Manhattan D.A. predecessor, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, the former New York Attorney General, and the Federal Election Commission deemed to not be a crime and declined to prosecute.

Here we are with the Democrat party and its weaponized judicial system choosing to indict their political opponent who will be the likely Republican presidential candidate next year.

This does not and never has happened in America, the government in power using such might to destroy their political opponents. Yet here we are.

This same week, independent journalist Matt Taibbi, was visited by the IRS. Taibbi had the gall to publish some of the Twitter Files, documenting collusion between U.S. federal 3-letter agencies including the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, CDC, and FDA and big tech behemoths in order to control the free flow of news and information, censoring anyone they disagreed with, in flagrant violation of the First Amendment.

The same day Taibbi was testifying before Congress about his investigations, the IRS came to his New Jersey home, unannounced, to inform him of upcoming investigations into his taxes. Quite the coincidence of timing.

This is but one of many examples of a weaponized executive branch of government targeting political opponents well outside the intentions and words of our Founding Fathers.

After years of a microscopic examination into every aspect of Trump’s life, all they could come up with was some “supposed” hush money paid to a porn actress. Trump has to be the cleanest human being alive.

The same agencies turned a blind eye to the Biden Crime Family including Hunter’s laptop, applying a very selective form of justice.

It’s not only Trump facing legal lawfare but also his associates. Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Mike Lindell’s cellphones were seized by the DOJ. Roger Stone and Peter Navarro were arrested. Trump’s Mar a Lago home was raided by the FBI. The same FBI apparently has yet to look at Hunter Biden or Anthony Weiner’s laptops.

The last telling event this week was a transgender terrorist slaughtering 6 individuals, including 3 young children, at a Christian school. Predictably the Biden administration, singing in harmony with the corporate media, is worried about the backlash against the trans community, “celebrating their resilience” while basically ignoring the 6 dead human beings and their devastated families and friends.

As always, they blame ‘the gun’, not the transgender shooter likely pumped full of hormones and mental health medications, who deliberately pulled the trigger.

Our ruling class has made a conscious decision to spend money we don’t have, provoking needless wars, opening our borders, condoning and encouraging crime, destroying the economy along with the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans, all in an attempt to transform America into some multicultural, uber-woke hellhole, reminiscent of the Hunger Games.

We have a weaponized government where those in power make the rules to suit their whims and political needs, destroying all who stand in their way.

I am sad for my children and grandchildren. They will be the first generation that will most likely have fewer opportunities and a less prosperous life than their parents had. They say empires last not more than 250 years and America’s 250-year anniversary is in 3 short years.

Where are American leaders, men and women of principle and conscience?

Will it be left to mob rule or civil war to change course?

Welcome to the Banana Republic of America!


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