Welsh school: Teachers advised to put focus on speaking native language not English

11:56 14.02.2023 •

A Welsh-speaking school has been put into special measures for letting children speak too much English(?!), writes “The Daily Mail”.

Inspectors found many of the 331 pupils at the primary 'turn to English naturally' when chatting and were not given enough chances to 'celebrate their Welshness'.

They  told teachers at Ysgol Pen-y-Garth in Penarth, South Wales (photo), to put more focus on speaking the native language in and out of class. 'A majority of pupils turn to English naturally with their peers in lessons and informal situations,' said officials from Estyn, the Welsh version of regulators Ofsted.

'There are few opportunities for pupils to celebrate Welsh culture and traditions, for example through the expressive arts. 'Teachers also do not influence pupils consistently enough to speak Welsh when working independently and during their leisure time.'

Inspectors said the school offered a 'broad curriculum' but were critical of teaching generally. Their report said: 'The quality of teaching is inconsistent. At times, work that is incorrect is marked as being correct and given positive comments.'

Inspectors said pupils are not given enough opportunities to celebrate their Welshness at the Penarth school, for example through expressive arts. And while “there have been recent improvements to the school’s leadership” resources have not been managed well enough.

Around 46% of Pen-y-Garth's 331 pupils speak Welsh at home and around 5% are eligible for free school meals, well below the 21% average for Wales, the documents shows. Most children arrive at the school with basic skills at the expected level or lower.


This is a very interesting fact. The processes of disintegration began in the UK. Scotland wants independence. Northern Ireland can unite with Ireland. Nationalist sentiments are beginning to grow now in Wales, where this was not witnessed before. It is possible that one day England as it is will become an independent country.


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