‘We’re out of money’: US exhausts security funds for Ukraine

10:04 07.01.2024 •

Photo: Pentagon

The U.S. had no funds left to replace weapons sent to Ukraine, Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder (photo) said during a press briefing.

“We’re out of money,” he told reporters.

There exists $4.2 billion left in authority to send such aid, Ryder explained, but the lack of replenishment funds will likely lead to a pause in support, as the Pentagon doesn’t want to risk the readiness of U.S. forces.

Administration officials had issued warnings about this outcome for months, amid Congress’ debate over how to fund the federal government and the White House’s requests for further Ukraine funding.

A group of senators is negotiating a border security deal seen as the key to unlocking a $100 billion spending bill, of which more than half would go to Ukraine-related support.

The Pentagon announced its final Ukraine aid package for now in late December — worth $250 million and mainly comprised of artillery and other munitions.

“Right now, I’m not anticipating any new PDI announcements in terms of new capabilities,” said Ryder, referring to the remaining authority to send aid.

In a statement, Marine Lt. Col. Garron Garn, another Pentagon spokesman, said there is no more funding to replace the weapons taken from department stocks. And the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which provides long-term funding for future weapons contracts, is also out of money.

As a result, Garn said, “Without the supplemental funding, there will be a shortfall in replenishing U.S. military stocks, affecting American military readiness.”


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