Western public wants the war in Ukraine to end, but USA wants to aggravate the situation

11:54 22.06.2024 •

A new survey by the Institute for Global Affairs, part of the American political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, found the overwhelming majority of Western public opinion is in favour of ending the war in Ukraine through negotiations.

The Institute for Global Affairs found a dramatic 94% of Americans and 88% of Western Europeans are in favour of Nato member countries advocating for a negotiated settlement to the Ukraine war. This overwhelming majority contrasts sharply with alternative scenarios, such as "Weakening Russia" or "Restoring the pre-2022 borders of Ukraine", which received support from less than 20% of respondents from both regions.

The results of the survey clash directly with the rhetoric from both US and EU political leaders that have said repeatedly the West should support Ukraine’s military struggle against Russia for “as long as it takes” and have promised significantly military and financial help over the long term.

But they want to aggravate the situation in Washington.

Ukraine can use U.S.-supplied weapons to hit Russian forces that are firing on Ukrainian troops anywhere across the border into Russia and not just in Russian territory near Ukraine's Kharkiv region, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Last month, President Joe Biden quietly authorized Kyiv to launch U.S.-supplied weapons at military targets inside Russia.

But officials said at the time that Biden's decision applied only to targets inside Russia near the border with Ukraine's eastern Kharkiv region.

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Independent candidate in the US presidential election Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (photo) has called on the authorities to get a peace deal done on Ukraine right away, TASS reports.

"I call for real peace talks now, with the US, Russia and Ukraine at the table. Putin was willing. We [the US] need to be willing too," he said on his X page. He added that the US authorities need to stop financing hostilities in Ukraine and that the time has come "to make peace."

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. went after President Biden Friday, after he invoked the Russia-Ukraine war in his D-Day anniversary remarks.

Kennedy, who has been a vocal critic of the U.S. providing additional aid to Ukraine, went after the commander-in-chief, saying the current conflict in Ukraine is not the same as World War II. In a post on social media, the independent candidate argued that he is the only 2024 contender who makes “peace” a priority.

“As Jeffrey Sachs pointed out in his recent interview with Tucker, the United States and NATO have engaged in ‘30 years of provocation, where we could not take peace for an answer,’ Kennedy wrote on social media platform X. “The situation in Ukraine today is not the same as World War II.”

“A President of the United States cannot blithely engage in a historical saber-rattling with a nuclear power. It endangers the world, damages our moral and intellectual standing, and dishonors the sacrifice of our soldiers,” he added. “Peace goes arm in arm with the truth. I am the only candidate in this race who makes that a priority.”


Ukrainian public wants the… elections.

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