What does the Doomsday Clock show? (Part 3)

10:43 28.01.2023 • Vladimir Kozin , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences

It should also be taken into account that the current White House resident is determined to eliminate all Russia's promising long-range high-precision weapons, already commissioned or not yet commissioned, during the negotiations, which President Vladimir Putin spoke about in March 2018.

In doing so, Washington is operating its old negotiation trick of offering Russia an inadequate deal: Russia should reduce certain types of its own perspective weapons only on the grounds that the United States does not yet have them in its arsenal.

As for the broader bilateral dialogue with Washington on strategic stability, it has been suspended by the Americans without a clear explanation. Moreover, they do not even want to set an agenda for future meetings. Then what is the purpose of the meetings? To discuss weather forecasts?

- Apparently, it is no accident that during his speech at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Bishkek on December 9, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "... Regarding a disarming strike, perhaps we should think about using the achievements of our US partners and their ideas about how to ensure their own security. We are just thinking about this."

Russia’s nuclear doctrine remains focused only on retaliatory nuclear strike, when the USA will make first nuclear attack.

From what has been said, one can draw the following conclusion:

The military and political situation in the world remains extremely tense.

The U.S. is actively advancing combined offensive nuclear missile and anti-missile weapons into forward-deployed zones in relation to Russian territory.

At a time when the United States and the Transatlantic alliance have developed forward-looking military plans in terms of Russia and are blocking the ACR process, it seems advisable to continue strengthening the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, it is important not to rush and speed up the ACR process with the United States and NATO as a whole.

If there is a long pause at the U.S.-Russian talks on strategic stability, an adequate pause should also be observed at the talks on the ACR problem.

The process of political settlement with Kiev, linked with the direct and combined aggression of Ukraine and NATO against Russia, makes a pause in ACR talks even more advisable, as Vladimir Putin suggested in Bishkek, "it will not be easy, and it will take some time.”

These facts and figures are and will be unforgettable in Russia and in many other countries for many decades.

Negotiating with the USA on the topics outlined above is possible only on a reasonable, sensible, and balanced basis, on the principle of equality and equal, indivisible security.

A real and balanced ACR on the basis of equality and equal security seems to be an important step towards enhancing regional and Global Strategic Stability. Such a process, if it were to proceed in this direction, would make it possible to prevent the excessive accumulation of different types of weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction, the use of which could cause enormous loss of life and enormous material destruction.

If both sides fail to reach a positive solution in this domain, there is a danger that the world would enter into two other types of arms races, namely a space-based arms race and a hypersonic arms race.


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