“Where is the money, Joe?” – Matt Gaetz forces Biden to reveal how many U.S. troops are in Ukraine

11:01 19.04.2023 •

Rep. Matt Gaetz
Photo: AP

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) files a privileged resolution to force President Joe Biden to reveal how many American troops are deployed in Ukraine.

Gaetz’s resolution comes after a leak of classified documents from the Pentagon indicated there were at least 29 Department of Defense personnel there last month, including 14 U.S. special operations forces.

“The Biden Administration and other allied countries have been misleading the world on the state of the Ukraine war,” Gaetz said in a statement to Breitbart News.

“There must be total transparency from this administration to the American people when they seem to be gambling war with a nuclear adversary by having special forces operating in Ukraine,” he said.

The resolution would request Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to transmit to the House of Representatives copies of all documents indicating any plans for current or future military assistance to Ukraine and documents indicating whether any United States Armed Forces, including special operations forces, are currently deployed in Ukraine.

The resolution is privileged since if it is not reported to the House floor within 14 days of its introduction, Gaetz can make a motion to call it up on the floor as privileged business.

“I represent a congressional district with the highest concentration of active-duty military personnel. I come from a community where the protection of this type of classified information that was leaked can be life or death for family members and my constituents,” Gaetz said.

“My Privileged Resolution of Inquiry will better inform the Congress and the country on the true state of our military’s involvement in the war.”

Gaetz has demanded accountability for the war in Ukraine, which has cost U.S. taxpayers at least $113 billion since it began in February 2022.


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