Why did the Americans urgently need to revive the New START Treaty?

12:31 22.04.2024 •

The US government is ready to abandon previously taken countermeasures under the Treaty on Further Reductions and Limitations of Strategic Offensive Arms (the New START) and fulfill its obligations in full. This could happen if Russia also decides to return to fulfilling its obligations under the Treaty. This is stated in the report of the US State Department, which is commented by Vladimir Kozin, military expert, corresponding member of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation (photo):

- Let me first note that the New START Treaty will be in force until February 5, 2026. Now the US State Department has proposed that Congress, and then the President of the United States, invite Russia to resolve the issue: urgently and without delay, without preconditions, to return to the implementation of the provisions of the New START.

First of all, this is a return to the practice of conducting mutual inspections at facilities that relate to the Treaty. Previously, such inspections were carried out 18 times a year on each side. A total of 36 mutual inspections. The Americans themselves stopped carrying out such inspections by Russian representatives on the territory of the United States. The Americans were the first to violate agreements in this regard – they did not always issue visas to inspectors from Russia. During inspections, they did not provide our aircraft with the requested routes.

Their second proposal is that Russia and the United States resume the activities of the Bilateral Consultative Commission (BCC), which was established by the parties to the Treaty and resolves issues arising during the implementation of the New START.

Third, the Americans did not allow Russian inspectors a full inspection on US territory when visiting those facilities where heavy bombers, submarines and, finally, ground-based intercontinental ballistic missiles are located. The Americans did not allow the missile cone to be opened to show how many warheads were under the cone. This is important because the Americans could have numerous guidance heads under the cone, and did not want to demonstrate this to our inspectors. This means that they are hiding something and do not want to implement the Agreement in full.

And something else very important. Now the Americans are supplying strike weapons to the Ukrainian army. It means that the United States, through Ukraine, is a country at war with Russia. That is an open aggression against Russia. US instructors work at the headquarters of the Ukrainian army, American operators maintain American air defense systems, for example, Patriot complexes. The Americans operate their HIMARS systems.

Therefore, the issue of conducting US inspections in Russia within the framework of the New START Treaty is very controversial. It is difficult to imagine that such inspections would be carried out during a period of military operations in which the Americans are taking part against us.

So, these American proposals are populist and propaganda in nature. They are inadequate to the current situation.


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