Why foreign students choose summer and winter Russian language schools among other educational programs?

11:30 02.01.2020 •

Photo: rcvkba.sk

Foreign students choose summer and winter Russian language and culture schools among other educational programs organized by Russian universities. According to a study of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR or RUDN), they pay attention not only to content of one or another program, but also to the cultural component and living conditions, RIA Novosti reports.

Experts conducted a survey among foreign citizens - representatives of participants in summer and winter schools to find out what factors affect the attractiveness of Russian universities’ educational programs. The survey involved 510 young people from 74 countries - students of summer schools, short-term courses and preparatory departments of 15 Russian universities. Most of the respondents plan to study medicine, pharmacology, economics, engineering, philology and linguistics, journalism, international relations in Russia.

The study showed that foreign students assess the fullness and simplicity of web pages devoted to summer schools and short-term courses. In addition, when choosing a school and university, they are guided by the feedback of participants and photo reports. Foreign students are often attracted by publications about summer and winter schools in the social networks of universities. Regular, well-written posts with interesting photos make young people want to learn more about schools. According to study, the cultural and leisure program of summer and winter schools turned out to be very important for foreigners as many students come to Russia not only for knowledge, they also want to get acquainted with the sights.


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