Will Democrats provoke a hot war with Russia?

11:04 21.09.2023 •

Mention the Ukraine War to most Americans and their eyes glaze over. A lot of folks can’t locate Ukraine on a map. Yes, that’s partly the fault of our educational system. Historically, though, if it ain’t happening here at home, it ain’t happening – until the Lusitania sinks or Pearl Harbor is bombed, notes ‘The American Thinker’.

Vietnam was peripheral until LBJ and the “military-industrial complex” took advantage of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Only then did Americans grab their Rand McNallys to discover where Vietnam was. Then there was Iraq, Saddam, and “weapons of mass destruction.” But that was a short war and casualties were fewer. People barely had time to unfold maps.

The Ukraine war is still blips on radars. Fortunately, more people oppose sending billions to Zelinsky’s corrupt regime. They’re starting to wonder why Biden’s handlers and dazed and confused Mitch McConnell give more of a damn about Ukraine than Maui and East Palestine. But those radar blips may soon balloon. Speculation is afoot that Democrats may provoke a hot war with Russia. A diversion is necessary for 2024.

Some speculation exists that Democrats would ignite a major war with Russia to impose martial law and suspend elections. That seems like a bridge too far. But, then again, Democrats and their allies had no worries rigging key state presidential contests to push doddering Joe Biden into the White House. Maybe the prospect of Donald Trump getting a second bite at the apple would drive Democrats to war.

Instigating a war with Russia as an election-year ploy would bust the republic. It would literally bust much of Europe and North America. Perhaps it’s better to “rule over the ashes?”

Tucker Carlson, appearing on Adam Corolla’s podcast, seems to think that war is where Democrats are heading. Per the Daily Caller, August 30: “They [Democrats] need to declare war footing in order to assume war powers in order to win. I believe that and I think that the evidence suggests that’s true. So if you’re worried about our politics getting, like, even more vicious than it already is, and people being hurt in our politics, which is entirely possible, you should be worried about the prospect of an open – we’re already at war with Russia, of course, we’re – we’re funding their enemies, so we’re fighting Russia – but I mean, an open battle with Russia, where we say we’re at war with Russia,” Carlson said.

Democrats seem increasingly uneasy about their election prospects. Polling is trending the wrong way. Biden slides deeper into dementia. Kamala Harris is a laughingstock. Joe’s handlers have messed up everything. Families struggle to pay bills. Why? Energy costs are through the roof, chiefly. It’s ridiculous to call the U.S.-Mexican border a border.

A false flag incident – say, a faked Russian incursion into Poland – might be in the offing. Wars are often go-to diversions for troubled regimes. You know, rally around the flag stuff. Forget about all those Democrat-imposed woes. It’s our patriotic duty, comrades, to sacrifice!

To date, plenty of neocons, and D.C. foreign policy and defense establishmentarians are content fighting a proxy war with Russia. The carnage –overwhelmingly Ukrainian – is a trifle compared to achieving a geopolitical end: diminishing Russia.

The U.S.-provoked proxy war is a grab for power and wealth. Lest we forget, the military-industrial complex is lining its pockets off the war, depleting U.S. military stockpiles in the process. The defense industry makes sure to spread around some of its profits.

Claims that the Ukraine war is a gallant fight for democracy is Wilsonian tripe. A Russian blitzkrieg to Berlin is as likely as Joe Biden being indicted. Putin has stated repeatedly – beginning years ago – that invading Ukraine would be and is a matter of Russian national security. NATO in Ukraine is a nonstarter. But U.S. and Western elites paid no heed. Would the U.S. have tolerated the Warsaw Pact in Canada or Mexico?

Ukraine lies on Russia’s southern flank and borders the strategically important Black Sea, which contains Crimea, Russian territory historically. Crimea contains Sevastopol, the key warmwater port for the Russian Navy. Russia wasn’t about to permit Crimea being incorporated into a NATO state.

We’re living through crazy times.

Norms are being upended and boundaries broken; common sense is shunted. We can only hope and pray that D.C. Democrats' power lust – enabled by some very dumb republicans RINOs – doesn’t get the better of them, ‘The American Thinker’ stresses.


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