World reaction to the conflict in Ukraine

17:30 21.04.2022 •

In France, the results of a large-scale public opinion poll conducted by the Ipsos group in 27 countries on the question of how the population assess the events in Ukraine have been published. The number of respondents was 19 thousand aged 18-74 years.

It turned out that 70% of them closely follow the events in Ukraine; 61% believe that the conflict in Ukraine is a "significant risk for their country"; 74% are in favor of their country "hosting Ukrainian refugees"; 72% are "against the military involvement of their country in the conflict"; 48% support "additional economic sanctions against Russia", 36% support "the arms supplies to Kiev from their country". In general, the mood is "for Ukraine" with a touch of fright for their own fate, but few people want to fight against Russia.

To "accept Ukrainian refugees" they are ready, first of all, in Sweden (89%), the Netherlands (86%), Spain (85%), and least of all in Turkey (53%), South Africa (57%), Malaysia (59%), Saudi Arabia (59%), Israel (59%).

Hungary (90%), Turkey (86%), Saudi Arabia (82%) do not want their country to be involved in the conflict, and least of all in Canada (56%), Sweden (58%), Spain (59%), while the majority of respondents do not want to fight.

The public is most anti–Russian in the UK (78%), Japan (77%), the USA (77%), and least of all in Hungary (47%), Israel (48%) and  Mexico (59%).

In South Africa (81%), Malaysia (80%), Peru (78%), Sweden (33%), the Netherlands (37%), France (45%)  most of respondents agree with the statement - "My country cannot afford to provide financial support to Ukraine".

In Saudi Arabia (69%), Hungary (67%), Malaysia (59%), the Netherlands (20%), Sweden (20%), Canada (23%)  the respondents agree with the statement - "Ukraine's problems are not our business, and we should not interfere".

The statement "My country should provide funding to the Ukrainian military" is most agreed in the UK (58%), Germany (56%), Canada (53%), least of all in Argentina (11%), Peru (12%), Mexico (14%).

The statement "My country should send troops to Ukraine" is most agreed with in India (it is unclear which side the Indians are ready to support)-  (39%), Canada - (30%), Australia - (25%), least of all in Hungary (3%), Israel (6%), Argentina (8%). Note that neither in the UK, nor in the USA, nor in Germany, nor in other European NATO countries, people have shown a desire to "send their troops to Ukraine." As you can see, the population of these countries does not support the belligerent policies of their governments and does not want to fight with Russia.

As for the time frame for Russia to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine it was once again clearly and definitely confirmed in the Russian Foreign Ministry in an interview for TASS news agency by the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry Department - Alexey Polishchuk, who said: "The special military operation will end when its tasks are completed. These include the protection of the civilian population of Donbass, the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, as well as the elimination of threats to Russia emanating from Ukrainian territory due to its development by NATO countries." He also added: "All her goals will be achieved."


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