Yeni Çağ: “Awakening giant” China and Russia will put an end to US geopolitical ambitions

11:31 12.04.2023 •

For years, the US Navy has controlled all the world's oceans and seas. Every alien spacecraft is monitored by American space satellites. However, naval power was not enough to maintain the US unipolar World Order. The world has already begun to change, Turkish ‘Yeni Cag Gazetesi’ writes.

Eurasia is the largest continent in the world, accounting for about 75% of the world's population. Most of the underground and surface resources of the Earth are located in Eurasia. The six most economically powerful countries in the world after the United States of America are located in Eurasia. In other words, all US competitors are in this region.

The United States, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, became the sole control of the world. This advantageous position has made the US lazy and complacent. With policies in line with its geopolitical ambitions, the US has undermined the concept of democracy.

Ultimately, in a unipolar world, nationalism was transformed into anti-Americanism. The United States, carried away by its military power, under the guise of democracy to implement the "Greater Middle East" project and carried out the "Arab Spring", which in fact became a "bloody autumn". The Americans have turned countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen into regions where chaos still reigns.

“Without Ukraine, Russia cannot be an empire in Eurasia,” said the famous American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski. Russia, which is well aware of the fact that "geography determines the future of countries," understands that if it cedes Ukraine to the West, it will be "squashed by its own geography."

As a result of provocative US/NATO actions, Russia launched a special military operation on February 24, 2022. The fights continue. In the struggle between Russia and the US/EU/NATO Ukraine itself is implementing a protracted conflict strategy... The US goal is not peace, but exhausting Russia through Ukraine. As it was in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

China has appeared on the world stage and is making strategic moves.

The Chairman of the People's Republic of China visited Moscow. On March 21, 2023, the "Joint Statement on Deepening Comprehensive Partnership and Strategic Cooperation Entering a New Era" was signed between China and Russia. This document can be called the Manifesto of the New World Order.

China takes the lead in ending the Ukrainian military conflict. Offers a 12-point plan. Vladimir Putin is positive about this proposal.

By taking on the role of mediator, Beijing is creating the climate for rebuilding Saudi-Iranian relations. China is coming to the Middle East and this is affecting the Gulf states, Israel and the US. But China, ignoring Washington, is negotiating with Russia to create a "collective security architecture for the Persian Gulf region."

In recent years, China has been attracting attention with its naval buildup, and is rapidly taking steps to make it a decisive maritime player. These measures will increase the geopolitical importance of Eurasia and will indicate the emergence of a naval power in the region that competes with the United States.

China is one of the largest countries in the world and has four times the population of the United States. “Let China sleep. For when he wakes up, the world will tremble,” said Napoleon. And China is waking up...

Ankara has a geopolitical position and significance. The policy pursued in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Egypt and Syria, has forced Turkey to face strategic challenges.

The threat of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG, which supports the US in Syria, has presented Turkey with a survival challenge. Due to its erroneous migration policy, Turkey has become the country receiving the largest number of migrants in the world, faced the threat of a change in its demographic structure in some places, especially in border cities.

While Turkey is focused on the country's presidential elections on May 14, 2023, Syria is rebuilding relations with Saudi Arabia, making moves to return to the Arab League. Arab countries previously hostile to Assad are reopening their diplomatic missions in Damascus.

But Turkey, which must deal with the vital problem of terrorism and migration together with Syria, is unfortunately moving extremely slowly.

Geopolitics is the art of using the geography of a country in world politics.

Geostrategy is the strategic management of geopolitical interests.


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