Zimbabwe's Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Amon Murwira: “We are talking about that is not wishful, something that is happening”

20:59 29.07.2023 •

- Students from Zimbabwe studying in the Russian Federation, what can you say about their experience?

- We have in excess of 1,000 students who study in the Russian Federation, and they mainly doing areas of science and technology, and also in medicine; these are the areas that are very popular with  students from Zimbabwe, because the Russian Federation is a very good in technical fields

That is what attracts our students and also our systems are now inclined towards the Russian Federation which is very practical in terms of the way they approach education.

- Is it popular among students, or you have like demand from your government and send them to get some particular professions, or they just choose them themselves?

- There are several streams in which the students cone to study in Russia, let’s say there are two streams: the main stream are the students, who are sent by the government where they awarded scholarships by the Russian Federation to study in specific areas that we select. And these specific areas are not only in the area of science and technology, and medicine, but also economics. Recently we’ve been sending our students who are coming under the scholarship of Rosatom, to do technical studies in nuclear science, medicine, in agriculture and environment. So, basically we are focusing on the technical areas. It is very important that our relationship with the Russian Federation is now very formalized in terms of legal instruments with cooperation in education as a legal instrument, with cooperation in technical area, in innovation and science. We also have a very important cooperation instrument, which allows mutual recognition of our education qualifications, which means that if you are studying Russian, you are automatically recognized in Zimbabwe as having formal qualification and vice versa. So, this makes our systems very interoperable. We’ve been working very hard the past four years with the Russian Minister of Higher Education Dr Falkov to make sure that we complete all these legal instruments. Now we are happy that , all the necessary legal instruments between Zimbabwe and Russia are now complete.

- Ok, complete…

- What is left is just to make sure that what we do is operational and make sure that we increase the depth of cooperation in terms of joint projects, and also in terms of exchange of language, because we also are setting up a Russian language training institute in Zimbabwe, and there are several offers by different institutions in the Russian Federation to help us along that line. So, basically, we are talking about a practical cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Zimbabwe, and we are very happy that we are doing very well in this direction.

- It was my next question about Your plans, something that you dream of, of your students in Russia or in Your country for the development of education in the Russian language.

- Basically we have already done in terms of making our students interoperable in the Russian Federation and Zimbabwe, because in the past students came here and spent a whole year studying the Russian language, while now they do it in Zimbabwe and come here already prepared and are going straight into taking the matters of study, instead of concentrating on learning the Russian language in Russia. But we will also be operating joint programs. What that means is that using the cooperation that we had between the Zimbabwean universities and the Russian Federation universities. We have agreements in excess of 20, which are operational agreements between our institutions

- More than 20…

- More than 20 agreements in the Russia-Africa network, in the university network. And also we just signed the network in mining universities, that we did in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. So, we are talking about something that is already moving, something that is not wishful, something that is happening.  

- Thank You so much!


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