The Republic of Chile expressed interest in information co-operation with Russia under the BRICS+ framework

12:22 27.03.2024 •

The media of the Republic of Chile expressed its intention to reflect the BRICS+ news agenda in greater detail. In March 2024, the digital media companies El Ciudadano and Crónica Digital signed co-operation agreements with TV BRICS International Network. The agreements reached will allow the population of Chile to receive the most up-to-date information on humanitarian and economic activities of the BRICS member countries and supporters of the interstate association. At the same time, the new colleagues of TV BRICS can expect that important news about their country will be directly available to all partners of the media network, which already has more than 60 media outlets from 17 countries.

“TV BRICS network is pleased to begin cooperation with colleagues from Santiago in the year when Russia and Chile celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Partnership in the information sphere helps strengthen cultural exchange and humanitarian ties between our states , as well as the development of dialogue and cooperation between the BRICS countries and the Global South,” emphasised Anastasia Shishkalova, head of international projects at TV BRICS .

Founded in 2005, El Ciudadano platform adheres to the principles of independent journalism and promotes a social agenda. Media offices operate in Chile and Mexico. Denis Rogatyuk, Director of International Cooperation at El Ciudadano, noted that multipolarity is growing in today's world, and this is supported by the countries of the Global South. He said it is important for media companies to unite in a common cause and TV BRICS is one of the key initiatives in this direction. "With nearly 18 years of experience, the El Ciudadano team hopes to help readers navigate the vast flow of information and present an independent perspective on international relations," he says.

Crónica Digital media has also been operating since 2005 and covers Latin America and world events. In March 2024, a special TV BRICS section was opened on the website, accumulating the news agenda of the BRICS+ countries. Crónica Digital has a correspondent office in Cuba. It is a member of the National Assembly for Human Rights. "For us, the signing of the co-operation agreement with TV BRICS is of great importance. This partnership will expand bilateral and multilateral ties between the BRICS countries and Latin America, opening new information horizons for Chile and paving the way for the realisation of common media projects, " said  Juan Andrés Lagos, member of the Board of Directors of Crónica Digital.

In the Year of Russia's Presidency of the BRICS Association, the International TV BRICS Network is expanding its work in the Spanish-language direction. In March 2024, the Spanish version of the portal was launched and the corresponding branch of the channel's internet broadcasting was launched. At the moment, about a dozen media outlets in Latin America and the Caribbean are partners of the media network. In addition to Chile, these are the Venezuelan National Assembly's television channel ANTV (Venezuela), teleSUR (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua), Prensa Latina (Cuba), the digital editions of Ahora San Juan, BRICSLat, AsiaTv and Extra! (Argentina). In February 2024 alone, more than 70 TV BRICS materials have been posted on these resources. For example, teleSUR, one of the leading TV channels in Latin America, devotes an average of 90 minutes of its airtime each month to stories and programmes produced by the media network.


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