What a shame! Applebaum from ‘The Atlantic’ is not aware that Ukraine has a seashore

12:00 28.05.2024 • Sergey Filatov , International Affairs observer

This interview appeared recently on Radio Atlantic. Its participants are radio presenter Hanna Rosin and the famous, seemingly experienced and knowledgeable magazine columnist Anne Applebaum.

During the conversation about Ukraine, this “expert” demonstrated that she doesn’t even know that Ukraine still has access to the shores of the Black Sea! In addition, she denied that the Americans had created their own biological laboratories in Ukraine. Although this is proven with addresses, names of participants and specific documents. Anne Applebaum called these facts “made up stories”!

Thus, an “authoritative international affairs expert” demonstrates her ignorance when she claims that Ukraine has no access to the Black Sea. But maybe she believes that Odessa has already become the Russian city again? Then she gets ahead of the near future... She just misleads the readers of her magazine and the listeners of Radio Atlantic.

And now – several episodes of this conversation on Radio Atlantic. It’s quite interesting:

The war in Ukraine may be nearing a crucial point. The fight has not been going well for Ukraine. With American aid stalled, tired fighters on the front lines faced ammunition shortages just as Russia brought new sources of recruits and weapons online.

The Atlantic’ staff writer Anne Applebaum joins host Hanna Rosin on Radio Atlantic to discuss the state of the war and how the fight extends well beyond the battlefield itself.

Hanna Rosin: “The news out of Ukraine has recently turned bleak. Russia broke through critical lines in the north, and the Ukrainian side seems depleted of manpower and weapons. Now, a major part of what changed the dynamic was the halt in U.S. aid. The aid was stalled since Republicans took over the House of Representatives, although a month ago they passed the first aid bill in over a year, which may or may not be too late to turn things around…”

Ann Applebaum: “So to unpack — I mean, so first of all: Don’t listen to me. Listen to the various Senate and House leaders who have also said this. So, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Tom Tillis, who’s a Republican Senator — they’re all people who have said on the record, on TV, in the last few weeks and months, have talked about their colleagues repeating Russian propaganda.

There’s one specific story. For example, there’s a story that circulated on social media a few months ago that said that President Zelensky of Ukraine had purchased two yachts, and there were pictures of the yachts that came in some kind of post.

Obviously, President Zelensky has not purchased any yachts. Kiev is landlocked. What does he need the yachts for anyway? It was a completely made-up story that nevertheless was passed around (sic!).

During the debate about Ukraine aid, Senator Tillis said he heard his colleagues in the Senate — Republican colleagues in the Senate — cite that story and say, for example, ‘We shouldn’t give Ukraine aid, because Zelensky will just spend it on his yachts.’

So that is a direct example of a false story that comes from the swamp of the internet, that is being passed around, and that is then repeated by a member of the United States Senate as a reason why we shouldn’t help Ukraine.

You couldn’t get a more pure example of how fever dreams created in some troll’s brain or on somebody’s phone then become a part of the conversation in Congress…

In a cover story I wrote for The Atlantic, I describe a story that was very important at the very beginning of the war: the so-called biolabs conspiracy theory, which was an idea that the U.S. is building biological weapons in laboratories in Ukraine, and that somehow that’s a reason for the war. This was completely fake” (sic!).

…This is not a ‘fake’, Madame! Here's all the evidence:



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