United Nations and humanitarian projects of Russia (VIDEO)

10:52 27.08.2020 •

On the eve of the upcoming anniversary of the United Nations, the team of "New Generation", a popular youth program of Rossotrudnichestvo agency, told about the role of Russia in today's UN activities in a spectacular video.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the world's only universal international organization - the United Nations, whose Charter was signed on June 26, 1945.

Its fixed principles do not lose their relevance today. Russian President V.V. Putin has repeatedly emphasized: «Russia believes in the enormous potential of the UN, which can avoid global confrontation and move to cooperation»

There are many interesting facts and traditions associated with the history of the UN. So, in all general political discussions in the UN, Brazil is always the first to speak. Why Brazil? Its representative was the only one who decided to take the floor at the first session of the UN General Assembly in 1946.

Today the UN has four main goals: coordination of actions, maintenance of peace and safety; development of friendly relations between countries; cooperation in solving international problems and ensuring human rights.

Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a responsible actor in the international arena, is one of the leading countries implementing humanitarian projects in many countries of the world. Since 1993, assistance has been provided to the population of more than 110 countries. More than 400 large humanitarian operations were carried out, of which about 250 were to deliver aid to almost all continents. In recent years, Russia has carried out more than 45 humanitarian operations annually. As the global coronavirus pandemic spreads, Russia has provided specialized assistance to no less than 26 countries in several regions of the world.

As Russian President V.V. Putin repeatedly stressed, an assistance to other states and peoples fully meets the national interests of Russia, as it contributes to the solution of common problems and the strengthening of stability, to which Russia always strives. Only by acting jointly in the spirit of mutual support is it possible to maintain peace and security on the planet - which is the main goal of the UN, laid down by its founding countries.


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